Sharia Compliant Account is better than commercial accounts if you are engaged with an Islamic bank

Sharia Compliant Account is an account option offered by Islamic banks which do not follow the commercial banks rules. It is basically held as an interest free account. Since profiting via interest on one’s money is strictly prohibited in Islam. And it is obligatory to Muslims to make sure their money is far from dealings of interest rates. Besides the interest part, one more thing which Sharia compliant account makes sure about is where your money is invested. The money kept in a bank account cannot not be invested in businesses which deal in goods and services that are running on interest rate system. One such example of such prohibited goods or services are alcohol and haram food. According to Sharia Laws in Islamic Financing, money can be used for your benefits in an exchange of goods. Sharia Compliant Account is best suited for people who are not will to take interest on their savings or allow their money to be invested in businesses that are prohibited. So Sharia compliant bank makes sure the transactions your money will be used for are according to Islamic laws and does not involve prohibited activities. Since, investment on alcohol, pork, dead animals, tobacco, or weapons are not allowed. You might wonder how sharia compliant account might benefit both the bank and the account holder. So there is a profit / loss sharing rule between the investor and the bank. Now how does this works, is that there is no fixed interest rate that would be give on specified time period on the savings account. But the amount of profit gained from the money invested from your Islamic account will be shared between the Islamic bank and you. If the profit is high, then higher rates will be transferred to you if the investment fails to profit and makes a loss, then the amount will bored by the bank and you.
This is the way of banking that makes Sharia compliant Account smooth and easy to do business in Dubai. The argument on interest is vast and we can challenge it at different forums. And to deal with this most Islamic Sharia advisory board member came to conclusion to put an upper limit to the percentage of a company’s interest income. Since, almost every company has makes a profit from interest. So, the members decided to deal with only companies who profit in the certain limit of interest. And avoid the ones who surpass this limit. This approach makes sense in some aspects though. It is important to note that not every Sharia compliant bank follows this particular attitude towards interest. And if they do, they are obligated to inform this to the Sharia Compliant account holder.

If some amount of money is invested in a property that is to be mortgaged to an applicant then the Sharia compliant savings account owner has an entitlement to the property. To profit from this investment the bank charges rents from the leased property owner for the lease until the total payment is completed. Sharia Compliant current account holders also are required to pay zakat once in a while. This zakat is deducted when and only when it is necessary and the sharia compliant account holder is obligated to. Due to its focus on tangible assets and business regarding the transactions, sharia compliant account and banking not only benefited Muslim countries but also made a great impression on Western society as well. England is one of such example of adopting this banking. And according to reports England’s real estate has made real improvement ever since the integration of Islamic Financing regarding the home loans. Many Englishmen no opt in towards opening Islamic account and make sure their money is in better and transparent use for transactions. That being told, Sharia compliant account make a good fortune for all the stakeholders and provide a balanced economical system. This type of banking has been proved to be the backbone of UAE and Dubai’s economy. Making it one of the strongest, Sharia Compliant account and banking has made people life very easy. To take such type of services one should approach Mashreq bank of Dubai for easy and best services. 

How To Add Related Post Widget To Your Blog Or Custom Domain

Related Posts at the foot of your blog can be highly effective to draw more traffic for you. Related posts grow more interest among the viewers to go through a number of posts of your blog. True, ‘Popular Post’ in either left or right side bar also attract the visitors, still a few colorful thumbnail below the last line of a post is bound to create a positive impression among the readers and he/she is most likely to visit your blog again.

Related posts also help you :

  • To reduce ‘bounce rate’ ( Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who arrive at your blog/website without visiting another page). 
  • To convert the casual visitors into regular visitors
  • To add SEO value to the internal pages

You might be at a fix about ‘how to do this’. You can do it most easily with Linkwithin . The very easy steps are explained below: 

Go To Linkwithin : 

#1) Visit the link above, you will find a form as shown below:-
Screen Shot:1

Put your email address, url of your blog. Then choose from the ‘drop down menu’ your platform viz. Blogger/WordPress/TypePad/Other. Then from the ‘Width drop down menu’ select how many posts of yours you want to show at the foot of your blog/website. It may be 3, 4 or 5. Just below it tick the box if your blog has light text on a dark background. 
Now click Get Widget 

How To Install The Widget :

#2) After clicking the ‘Get Widget’ button you will be led to the following page of your blog (you have to be logged in)  :-
Screen Shot:2

Click Install Widget html link at the top left and you will be led to the following page of your blog :-
Screen Shot: 3

Choose the preferred blog from the ‘Select a blog drop down menu’.

Click ‘Add Widget’ and now you will be led to the ‘layout’ page of your blog as follows :-

Screen Shot: 4
Now click ‘Save arrangement’ at the top right corner and you have done it. Visit your blog and you will be thrilled to find ‘Related Posts” appearing at the footer instantly.  

If you have bought and added a custom domain such as .com / .in / .org  with your blog, then follow the following steps to add ‘Related Post’ widget  to it :-

#1) After noting email address and url of your custom domain, select ‘other’ in the ‘Drop Down’ menu of ‘Platform’ (Refer Screen Shot 1).
#2) After clicking ‘Get Widget’ you will be led to the page as shown below:-
Screen Shot: 5   


#3) Now, the html code as shown in the box above(Screen Shot:5) is to be pasted before the </body> tag in your blog template. Do it as described below:-
Log in to your blog. Go to template and click Edit HTML.  A box full of html codes will open. Now click anywhere in that box and press Ctrl+f.  A small box at the top right corner will open –Screen Shot:6
Screen Shot: 6
Now, type </body> in that box and hit enter, you will find </body> marked yellow at the bottom. Watch Screen Shot: 7
 Screen Shot: 7
Now copy the html code in the box (Screen Shot: 5) and paste it just above the </body> tag (Screen Shot: 7) and click ‘save template’. Hit Back button – My blogs. You will be pleased to see Related Posts appear at the foot of your website instantly. 
Share this post with your friends so that many more get benefited.  

Ultimate Ways Of How Push Notification for Blogs Can Place You At The Top And Earn More With Adsense Read On



Growing email list is one of the best ways of winning more subscribers for your blog and getting more viewers daily. But there is another excellent way of doing the same thing. This excellent way will help you quickly grow your list of subscribers. This excellent way is ‘Push Notification‘ which can be displayed in a visitor’s browser even when the visitors are not visiting your website.

All latest version of chrome, Microsoft, Firefox and others are equipped and enabled to show Push Notification.

All must have watched when we browse the net sometimes few websites show a notification informing us that they would like to send ‘Push Notification’ which may look like this:



When we click allow we give permission to the sender to send in the browser real time notification about anything like latest news, latest gossip, viral videos, special offers and many more. One permission is given notifications continue to pour in the browser.


  • It’s very easy to set up with tools available in Websites like PushEngage or PushCrew

  • Very easy to increase the number of subscribers and get more viewers.

  • Highly effective in raising CTR(Click Through Rate)than email list.

  • It’s very easy to send alert messages quickly and possible to deliver highly useful messages to subscribers.

  • It’s very cheap and doesn’t require all time attention and engagements.


  • It’s not possible to send customized and personalized notifications to each and every subscriber.

  • It’s difficult to integrate tracking data when the list of subscribers continue to grow and become large

  • When the list grows too long it may be impossible to attend personal queries by subscribers.

Now let’s see how to get started with Push Notification

To get started with Push Notification you need a ‘Push Notification Provider’ like like PushEngage or PushCrew. Although some popular providers are equipped with WordPress plugin but for the best result you have to manually include a ‘Java Script’ in the html of your blog, supplied by the provider after signing up.  

In my next article I shall discuss how to start your ‘Push Notification Campaign’ after signing up with PushEngage or PushCrew.



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Dubai Trade with new trends and fashion

Dubai Trade Finance, Dubai Trade Market, Dubai Trade News, and Dubai Trade portal are just different name to the successful Dubai Online Trading. With trade charts growing up day by day. Dubai has seen all the past hard work and smartness. People of Dubai are hospitable, and it is in their culture, and tradition. With religion given importance in Dubai, Dubai has become a positive light in Muslim World. Safe Haven to all the tourist from all over the world. Dubai has proved how important open market is. And how with determination, will and smart decisions one can transform a whole city into a one big business hub and a tourist spot. Dubai trade started back in late 19thcentury and early 20th century. Dubai Trade’s success lies within its duty free port. And it is the reason that made Dubai a powerhouse. At present moment, Dubai Trade has made a huge profit and business. And brought in large businesses to the Business-centered state. And one thing most people ignore is the fact that Dubai has brought businesses from every corner of the world. Be it Pakistan, China or USA. Every country is impressed by Dubai Trade laws and strategies. It is also important to understand that, with the advancement in internet the banking system has also made quite huge profits and businesses. With allowing national traders to do online trading, the online business in Dubai has spread all around the globe.
Dubai trade now takes place online. With Mashreq’s online Dubai Trade Portal, trade in UAE has become popular with young aspiring entrepreneurs as well. Dubai is now considered to be the best place for a business to prosper. With past companies as case study, Dubai trade is no longer reliable on tourism. People with ambitions from around the world like to start their business in Dubai. Be it a mobile app, an e-commerce website or a clothing brand; Dubai has got you covered. Have you ever tried online trading in UAE? Or did the thought of opening an online business in Dubai crossed your mind? Well, should.
So, with all the stuff going on. It is important to start your research if you are interested in Dubai’s online trading market. The best option to start online trading is to sign up on Dubai Trade Portal online. Mashreq is one of best and oldest one in the UAE. It offers stock analysis, Investment predications, Stock exchange news and other important factors that will be required for a better investment and trading. With online trading, now an individual can invest in stocks overseas as well, this means that the whole world is open for a person who is using an online trading account. With banks also offering customer care and financial or investment advisors online. It has made trading easier than ever. To start is no big deal, you just need some money that you want to invest, and an internet connection to perform the actions on the trading portal. For keeping an eye on the Dubai Stock Market, Online trading portals also provide daily blogs and headlines about the stock exchange. So, what might be stopping you from start with Dubai trade?

The answer is simple, it is secure, advanced, and opens a range of options to invest in just few clicks. We are not going in technicalities, since it will be confusing for starters. But in simple words, it should understood that the future of business and trading is online. And bankers realized this a long time ago. Dubai Trade wouldn’t have grown this fast in 21st century if it weren’t for the innovations in internet and mobile banking. So, this was a simple introduction to Dubai Trade, since we are talking about the general Dubai Trade and its aspects, we tried to stay as basic as possible, when we write about the specifics in Dubai Trade like, Online trading and manual trading in Dubai. Then we will be giving you an in-depth perspective in the Matter, since the term in specialized sections are important they need to be addressed accordingly. I hope this article helps you start you research. Until the next time, Adios! Dubai Trade has stayed afloat and strong since the late 60s, with smart strategies and better banking DubaiTrade is still the best place to invest in.

How To Learn The Basics Of Forex Trading


forex market

The advantage of forex trading was previously available to large and strong financial institutions in the past. The things have changed. Trading in forex is now available to all individual traders as well. As a result, many new comers in this segment are interested in learning the basics of this sort of financial activity.

Forex market or foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world where all major and strong currencies of the world such as – USD, GBP, Jap Yen, Euro, Deutsche Mark, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, are traded everyday. This awesome market generates almost trillions of dollars of currency exchanges everyday and is open 24×7 every week.

The market is highly liquid and anybody can buy or sell any currency any time of the day with the help of a computer and internet. 
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Transactions in forex market is always done in pairs. This means when a trader buys some currency he/she sells another currency. Buying of a currency and selling of another currency take place simultaneously. 

The most common and popular pairs of currencies are USD/GBP, USD/JPY, USD/CHF etc. The first three letters of a pair indicate the currency a trader sold while the last three letters indicate the currency a trader bought. For example, in the pair USD/JPY – a trader sells USD to buy JPY.

The basic things one needs to participate in forex market are :

  • A computer with high speed internet connection
  • A forex trading account
  • An honest, reputed and reliable forex broker/broker firm commonly a company who advises the traders and helps to accomplish the trade
  • And the most important of all – A trading strategy

A forex broker earns a small percentage of commission from the traders for the services they render. These services include :

  • offering real time quotes
  • the most lucrative pair to trade and why
  • offering funds or limits in trading account
  • supplying updated news and technical charts
  • training and guidance

When a newbie enters the market he/she risks his/her hard earned money in the trading account. So, it is absolutely indispensable to choose the right broker and undergo a thorough training before entering the market.

It’s true you can never learn how a trade in the forex market actually takes place unless you take part in the trading. Practising hand in a Demo Account, available with all brokers these days, is the ideal solution.

True, forex market offers a lucrative way of earning and profession but still one must remember this is not free from risks. Also true, many earned fame and unprecedented amount of wealth but at the same time many left the market for ever after suffering substantial losses. So always keep yourself alert and informed in forex.            

Foreign Exchange or forex trading is a new emerging market in Dubai for people to invest to get better profit

When we talk about the forex trading in Dubai it is a completely different field when we compare it with the other markets. If we specifically talk about the condition of Dubai region it is one of the most appropriate area for foreign exchange market. Now a days as you all know that there is a war of resources and economy between countries. Which one is most rich and strong in its economy is ruling the world as we have an example of Dubai, America and Canada and Western Europe. Now if we take the example of Dubai, we see that foreign exchange is the most important and rich market in Dubai now a days. In this article, we will explore foreign exchange phenomenon further in detail and consider the numerous ways in which the forex trading impacts on the economy in the UAE – First of all it creates Flexible and Constant Options for Traders on a small and low investment. When we see a little back at 2016, the UAE was rely on oil resources but with the passage of time the economy of Dubai now has become a braded and it caters all the international products in its global marker. Foreign exchange means the forex trading which is quite popular all over the world and it caters with the currency of different states. Most of the powerful currencies in the world are very much popular in foreign exchange like AED and dollar. Now if some want to take the services of foreign exchange he/she can take the services from top banks of Dubai. Also this market is very much suitable for expatriates working in Dubai. Because through a little investment, one can get maximum profit from his/her investment.  The forex trading enabled to trade currencies as derivative options, as they are the main element of the burden of ownership from share market to currency market. If you are taking the services of a bank it can provide you with online facilities for foreign exchange. So for high net worth individuals online and digital services provided by top banks are very much suitable. The second most important role of foreign exchange market is that it allows for International Payments and the Exchange of Currency. As I already mentioned above the trend of foreign exchange in the international trade, the forex market also plays a key role in facilitating international trade by providing services from top banks of Dubai. This is the heartbeat of the global economy now a days in Dubai. While on the other hand it allowed the UAE to diversify its economic interests in recent times. In my opinion the success of every business lies in its factor of diversification. As much as your investments are diversified you will get maximum profit from one business to other. For multinational business or global, e-commerce projects based in the UAE, the forex trading enables them to buy relevant currencies in bulk. When you will get maximum currencies it will minimize costs and time. Now when you will get inflation in the currency market, you will save yourself by taking one currency on behalf of other currency. Mashreq bank of Dubai is most popular private bank in Dubai and it has been working from last three decades in Dubai. Due to diverse economy and as the UAE and major cities like Dubai have evolved into tourism and hoteling, it economy get boost in a highly large fashion. Similar the banks of Dubai particularly Mashreq gold bank is getting maximum benefits from this situation and in return now it is providing best banking services especially in forex trading services.  Now if we compare the situation of tourism and hospitality sector in Dubai, we can say that it could not thrive without the foreign exchange or forex market. Both recreational and business travelers drive a strong demand for a foreign exchange. And all these services are at the root level are best provided by Mashreq bank of Dubai. If you want to take the further information and guidance about foreign exchange you can visit the official website of the Mashreq bank. Forex trading services are best provided by this bank in Dubai. 

15+ Real & Amazing Ways To Make Money – Apply These 5 Secrets

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Start Making Money Online

#1 Earn With Youtube
When we think of watching videos the first thing that comes to our mind is ‘You Tube’.According to a recent study, we watch more videos than we conduct search in ‘Google’. You tube is one of the best quick money making platforms now. Another study shows a vast population of the and about 60 percent population of the Unites States alone visited ‘You Tube’ once a week in March 2013. One hour of video is uploaded in ‘You Tube’ every second and over 4 billion videos are viewed daily. Another interesting fact is over 3 billion hours of video are viewed in ‘You Tube’ each month. You Tube Partner Programme lets you make money by uploading your own original videos on a wide range of topics.You can make a lot of money depending on your subscriber base and topic.  Read about ‘terms of service’ and ‘community guidelines’.

#2 Your Stories And Writings Can Make You Money

If you have an aptitude for writing and have a stock of interesting stories you could start selling them to papers or searching for buyers online. There are people who are keen on swallowing your stories. Sky is the only limit for range of topics – from how you felt when begging near a railway station to when you dined with your partner in a cosy restaurant. 

There are a number of writers who wonder ‘how much money he or she can make from his/her work. The fact is that how much money you can make from your stories/poems/novels depends on the quality of your content. Freelance writing is an extraordinary way to make money online and there is awesome demand for such writers. Read about freelance writing jobs.  

  • 31 Travel Magazines And Websites That Pay Freelance Writers 

  • 10 Amazing Sites That Will Pay You For Your Writings 
  • 5 Websites Where Freelance Writers Can Find Work
#3 Online Surveys
This is an attractive ways of earning money in your spare time. Online surveys are very popular among students as well in their leisure hours. Various market research companies always need fresh recruitment of fresh members to answer a few questions and test new products. 

You just need to answer a few questions about some products and services in use daily. The job can be done anywhere whether you are in home, office or at the beach. Some surveys even fetch you up to $5. Some popular and honest survey sites are : iPoll, Toluna, The Opinion Panel, YouGov, Mind Mover, Pinecone, New Vista, IPSOS, PopulusLive.
#4 Selling Notes Is The New Way of Earning


If you are interested you can share and sell your notes with other students and you can generate an extra income by doing this. There are sites such as Notesale, Stuvia, Nevblog, Cleveland, Nexus. These sites usually require you to upload PDF format of your quality college and university notes. You may upload your handwritten notes also and by doing this you can expect an attractive return.
#5 Earn For Searching the Web

Qmee has introduced an innovative idea of making money online by simply searching the web ‘Google’, ‘Yahoo’ or ‘Bing’. To do this you simply have to install an add-on to your browser. While you search the web there are a few sponsored results alongside your normal search. Each Qmee result has some has some cash reward. If you are interested in some, just click and earn your reward. So why wait? Sign up and start earning.
#6 Write And Publish e-Book
If you have a knack for writing then you need to have a solid and reliable platform to publish your e-book and that’s what Amazon Kindle Store does by publishing e-books. This is because marketing is always tougher than writing. 


  • The most important point is choosing a topic. The key to success is to write non-fiction practical topic such as ‘starting a small home business’ / ‘finding a job / ‘guidance to get finance from bank’ for business. You can sum up all your experience, data and market research in an most attractive and digestive form in such a way that readers will not leave your e-book until the last line. 
  • You should have knowledge about your topic and you should have passion about your subject. If readers do not get satisfactory replies from your to their queries, the whole process becomes funny. 
  • Another pre requisite to success is to develop genuine and friendly relationship with thousands of people. Social media can extend a lot of help about this.  
  • You can a lot of guidance and practical example through online search.  
#7 Earn By Review Of Websites And Apps

With the revolution in net a wonderful and easy way of earning money has opened up. It is very important for a website owner to know if his/her is user friendly to prevent loss of traffic leading to loss of money. That’s why companies pay for third party review of their websites. Enroll here with email address, password and preferred method of testing – desktop, tablet or smartphone. To do this job from home your need a computer with internet connection and microphone. Since the language of conversation is English you need to be proficient in it. 

Once you have enrolled yourself you will be informed for new assignments. Companies make payment of $10 on an average for 10 to 30 minutes review and per assignment. You can check for 11 sites here for this kind of job.

#8 Earn By Reviewing Music


Love for music can fetch you money. This can be done by reviewing unsigned bands and artists online for cash with ‘Slicethepie’. If you can build up your reputation in this line then you can earn a reasonable amount. Just sign up and go through the details.

#9 Earn By Selling Photos


If you are good with a camera then a vast potential awaits you. There are a lot of people who started photography as a side income but later became full fledged professionals. You can make an unique collection of yours from your own stock of photos and offer them online for sale. There are a number of websites such as ‘Shutterstock’: The exclusive thing about Shutterstock is that you can be paid upto 30 percent of the sale proceeds while you continue to retain the copyright. Since launch Shutterstock has so far paid out $350 million dollar to its associates.


‘Fotolia’: This site has been in existence for more than 10 years and has over 45 million photos in its inventory. Payment is between 20 – 46 percent and instant unlike other sites where you have to reach a threshold to be eligible for payment.


‘Dreamstime’: This is a well known site which pays about 25 to 50 percent towards royalties. The sale price is calculated on the basis of number of times a photo has been downloaded.  


‘Alamy’: Alamy has a huge 60 million photos and videos in its inventory and it pays its contributors a whopping of 50 percent of the sale price as royalties. There is not bar to sell your photos elsewhere as well.  


‘iStockPhoto’: This is also an exclusive site for selling photos and you are paid between 15 – 45 percent as royalties. You can also enter into a contract with ‘iStockPhoto’ whereby you will be paid 22 to 45 percent as royalties on condition you will not sell your photos elsewhere.


‘PhotoShelter’: PhotoShelter is a great place where you can sell your photos through your own website because of its ‘e-commerce’ platform and it can be integrated into any website. The plus point of this feature is that you decide how your photos will be displayed and not with photos of others displayed alongside yours. It enables you to get a better price of your photos.


‘PhotoMoolah’: The way of sale of your photos is a little different here. You upload your photos to ‘PhotoMoolah’ to take part in contests. If your photo is picked up as a winner then you can earn anywhere between $100 – $500.

#10 Freelancing For Others

There are so many freelancing jobs waiting around the world for persons with skills in their respective fields. The best thing about freelancing job is that it can be done from anywhere at any time of the day for anyone around the world. Freelancing is also a great way of earning for professionals and experts. There is a continuous flow of freelancing jobs sought by various business houses advertised online.

One thing is certain about this type of job is the guarantee of payment provided your work is done according to directions and accepted. There are a number of websites that offer various types of freelance jobs such as – Guru, SimplyHired, Juiiicy, Hirable, Matchist. You can find hundreds more if not thousands by searching in ‘Google’.

#11 Affiliate Marketing

Anyone who have got a niche for selling may look for some earning scope by becoming an affiliate/reseller. An affiliate is a person who gets a commission for selling some products through his/her website or through some other platform such a e-Bay. You may sign up with any website such as ‘amazon’, ‘click bank’ or ‘commission junction’ and start selling their products through your affiliate link. You may also sign up with ‘affiliate window’.

#12 Advertising

If you have a great website or a blog with a lot of visitors daily then you can earn by selling space on your website or blog for advertisement purpose. You earn when these ads are clicked by your visitors. The most popular ‘pay per click’ advertising programme is Google’s Adsense. Others to mention are ‘BidVertiser’ ‘Text Link Ads’ ‘Adsbrono’ ‘Blogads’ etc. Earning depends on the traffic level of website, click through rate and cost per click. Read Adsense ‘Programme & Policies’ here.

#12 Stock or Forex Trading

Though this segment is a bit risky but you can earn a lot through proper online training programme. There are lot of people who became considerable wealthy over the years. Forex market is open 24 hours a day. It’s totally decentralised and may be practised online from the comfort of your home. You can learn a lot by going through these pages.  After successful completion of a training programme and under the guidance of a competent broking firm, you can set your feet in a world of wealth

#13 Join ‘Clickworker’

Clickworker is a fascinating way of earning money through a variety of tasks – data entry, form filling. You are paid through Paypal and you have the freedom to choose when and what to do. The system of work is based on ‘internet crowd sourcing’ where specific tasks are advertised for quick completion.

#14 Buy And Sell Domain Names

The idea behind making money with this strategy is very simple. Make a list of catchy domain names that you believe may work well for business or some other purposes. Now go to GoDaddy or BigRock and check if the names are available for registration. Buying a domain name is very cheap these days as little as $1.99/m.  Now buy some names and put them up for sale at Sedo. If you are lucky you can fetch a very good price for a domain. Vacation had fetched a price of $35 million in an auction in 2007

#15 E-Tutions

If you are an academician, feel comfortable giving tution and enjoy working as a tutor then ‘e-tution’ may be an appealing alternative for you. These days, there is a considerable growth in the demand for competent tutors. You can enrol yourself with popular websites in this field such as ‘e-tutor,, Tutor Vista, Smart Thinking etc. What you need is a desktop, internet connection, a pair of good speakers and webcam. A good knowledge in English and ability to answer questions by students confidently are a must. The pay is good, mainly on an hourly basis. If you already enjoy a reputation in this profession, then you can also participate in Webinars – lectures as a part timer and earn more.   

Read more

15 Great Places You Can Learn About To Make Money For Writing

The Easiest Way To Stop Earning With Your Blog And Start Earning Massive  

7 Awesome domain name generators for your awesome blog

How to start a business with only 5 profitable niche blog topics that may make your millionaire

Forex Courses For Beginners





Forex Courses :

Although forex market has a lot of advantages than other financial markets in respect of liquidity, 24×7 operation, smooth execution, growing market still only 5 per cent of the traders are actually able to make uniform profit and 90 per cent of the beginners/traders leave the forex market losing their money and remaining 5 per cent are just able to hold their capital – according to statistics of famous forex broker firms. Therefore, it’s easy to understand the importance of a suitable ‘education & training’ before setting foot in forex market.    

Now, a question may arise in mind “What is the difference between those 5% successful ones and remaining 95% unsuccessful ones?” The answer is simple – there is no difference. The successful ones do the same things as the unsuccessful ones but they do it a little differently. Apart from wisdom, they are armed with :-

  • Education & training
  • Understanding of forex trading system
  • Money Management or understanding the risks
  • Price behavior

To become a successful player and rich in the forex market one has to undergo ideal and right forex training and education. Many think buying a few books of famous authors can make them a successful trader easily. They are wrong. To understand  the contents of those books one has to undergo practical training under the guidance of experts. There are many ‘forex courses’ available also and one can get much of it for free.

There are a lot of e-books on forex available online which make false promises of making one rich in a very short period of time. They claim to have discovered certain unique and amazing strategies and formulas which can make the buyers rich very quickly. 

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Buyers of these books will be deceived easily if the books are bought and tried without searching the credentials of the authors. The fact is that these authors make more money by selling their e-books than trying their strategies & formulas in the forex makrket themselves.

If one really needs to become a successful forex trader then one needs to chalk out an unique strategy and trading plan of one’s own. One must be aware that a strategy in forex market working excellently for someone else may not work for others. Because every strategy includes a number of dos and donts. 

Simply, copying a strategy of somebody else without knowing its all aspects may bring disaster. Developing one’s own game plan needs a lot of data and technical analysis which is nowadays easily available in the web. One needs to be aware of ‘indicators’, moving averages, Bollinger Bands, the Stochastic, RSI and also about breakout methodology.

One can search the web for these technical points and learn about them on free chart services offered by a number of websites.

If one is looking for some great books written by the leaders in forex market and who have become legends in forex trading, you can do so here. 

Trading successfully in the forex market is not a very easy task specially for the beginners. Therefore, entering the market without confidence and knowledge may make you pay because the market is – forex. 

How To Add A Site Map To Your Blog

What is a sitemap?

You created your blog spending your precious time energy and you wish your blog posts be read by thousands at least if not lacs. Apart from this point of view, if you have got ‘Adsense’ approval already then the more people view it daily the more is your income.
To get high amount of traffic your blog must be found and indexed by the google search engine bot. Here, the need arises for addition of a suitable sitemap to your blog. 
There are two types of sitemap HTML sitemap and XML sitemap. Here we discuss how to add a HTML sitemap. 

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); HTML sitemap designed basically for the users, enable them easily navigate each and every page of your blog. One of the foremost conditions to get Adsense approval is easy navigation of all the pages of your blog. 

If the users get confused while viewing the blog and cannot view any page they like easily, they will seldom return to your blog and you will lose valuable viewers permanently. Adsense always takes very serious note of this issue. 
The HTML sitemap discussed here will show all posts of your blog in a single page and it is very easy for the viewers to navigate to any page of your blog smoothly. The sitemap is automatically updated with dates each time you make a new post. The sitemap is SEO friendly too enabling the search engine bot to easily index all your posts. You can easily add a very useful HTML sitemap to your blog by following the steps below :- 
#1) Log in to your Blog dashboard and click New Page.

#2) In the title or header of the new page type – ‘Sitemap & Archive Of All Posts’


#3) Now click ‘Publish’ (shown in red )to publish the page

#4) Now open the page again by clicking ‘Edit’


#5) As the page opens click ‘HTML’ at the top left marked in red



#6) Now paste the code shown below after (<br /></div>)


  1. <!—Site Map START –><style> #tulika { background: transparent; width: 100%; color: #999; margin: 0 auto; padding: 5px; } span.tulika-MessageBox { display: block; background: #0A6474; color: #ECF1F4; text-align: center; font-family: cursive; font-size: large; } #tulikatable { width: 100%; margin: 0 auto; border: 1em solid #0A6474!important; border-collapse: collapse; border-spacing: 0; border-color: transparent; } .tulika-Header-Posts, .tulika-Header-Dates, .tulika-Header-Labels { padding: 1em !important; line-height: 1em; text-align: center; color: azure; transition: all .4s ease-in-out; } .tulika-Header-Posts { background: #23A596; } .tulika-Header-Dates { background: #23AE84; } .tulika-Header-Labels { background: #18A993; } .tulika-Header-Posts:hover, .tulika-Header-Dates:hover, .tulika-Header-Labels:hover { background: #0A6474; color: #FAFBFC; } .tulika-Header-Posts a:link, .tulika-Header-Posts a:visited, .tulika-Header-Dates a:link, .tulika-Header-Dates a:visited, .tulika-Header-Labels a:link, .tulika-Header-Labels a:visited { font-size: 1em; text-transform: uppercase; text-decoration: none; color: #fff; font-family: Georgia, serif; font-weight: 800; letter-spacing: 1px; } .swtBPT-Header-Posts a:hover, .swtBPT-Header-Dates a:hover, .tulika-Header-Labels a:hover { text-decoration: none; } tfoot.tulika-Right, tfoot.tulika-Right a { background: #0A6474; color: #FAFBFC; text-align: center; font-family: -webkit-body; font-size: small; } #tulika tbody:nth-child(even) { background: #9FD7D2; color: #34887E; } #tulika tbody:nth-child(odd) { background: #8BD0CA; color: #34887F; } .tulika-PostsTitles, .swtBPT-PostsDates, .swtBPT-PostsLabels { font-size: 88%; padding: 10px; transition: all .3s ease-in-out; } .tulika-PostsTitles:hover, .tulika-PostsDates:hover, .tulika-PostsLabels:hover { background: #fff; } .tulika-PostsTitles a, .tulika-PostsDates a, .tulika-PostsLabels a { text-decoration: none; color: #666; transition: all .3s ease-in-out; } .tulika-PostsTitles a:hover, .tulika-PostsDates a:hover, .tulika-PostsLabels a:hover { color: #f65476; } </style><div id=“tulika”> Loading tulika HTML Sitemap. Please wait….</div> <noscript>Either you have disabled scripts in your browser or your browser does not support JavaScript!</noscript><script src=“”></script>
  2. <script src=“/feeds/posts/default?alt=json-in-script&amp;max-results=500&amp;callback=BloggerSitemapbySWT” type=“text/javascript”></script>
  3. <!—Site Map END –>


#6) Hit ‘Update’ and publish your sitemap. It’s done.

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Best Top 4 Technical Indicators In Forex Tips You Will Read This Year To Win

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technical analysis forex
Technical Analysis of Forex Trading



The rules of technical analysis and tools are almost similar in both stock and forex markets. Once learnt correctly it can be used stock as well as forex market. Typically technical analysis is based on two dimensional (vertical axis indicating price and horizontal axis indicating time)charts/graphs prepared from past movement of price. Since past movements of price trend cannot give 100 per cent guarantee of future movement of price, technical analysis is also not free from mistakes.

The beginners in forex market often get confused which technical indicators to include in their strategy specially when there are hundreds of technical indicators are available. They often ask as well, how many indicators to include in their strategy to make it superb.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The basic truth is that although there are numerous technical indicators available in the market, one cannot use them all in the strategy. Trying to include a lot of indicators in your strategy will only make your strategy complicated leading to confusion and worst trading decisions. Therefore, one should focus on a few basic technical indicators that can make your strategy best and highly effective.

Four appropriate and most effective indicators used by most traders are summarized below for the beginners which can be of great help :-

  • RSI( Relative Strength Index) : Developed by J.Welles Wilder, RSI is an oscillator type indicator moving up and down in response to a change in the price movements. The indicator is widely trusted all over the world to be the most accurate indicator to guess the strength of current market trend. RSI is very important for the traders to know whether the market is in overbought or oversold condition so that trading strategy can be prepared accordingly. 

  • Stochastic : Theoretically, Stockhastic describes an approach to anything that involves probability. It may be described as an oscillator/indicator obtained by comparing the closing price of a currency/security to the range of its prices over a certain period of time. 

  • The Bollinger Band : It indicates whether the prices are high or low on a relative basis. This is one of the most powerful tools available to the technical traders/investors. Although it is believed that a bollinger band cannot indicate the exact buy & sell singnals but it does indicate whether the prices are high or low. 

  • Moving Averages : This is one of the oldest form of technical analysis most commonly used by traders and investors. This tool helps to reduce market ‘noise’(rate fluctuations) which makes it difficult for traders to assess and analyse ‘real time exchange rate data’ making it easier to identify potential ‘market rate trends’ from the normal rate fluctuations common to all currency pairs. Having a knowledge of ‘moving averages’ is vital as it relates to measurement of other technical tools — Stochastic and Bollinger Band. 

These four basic indicating tool are powerful enough to make your strategy a wonderful one irrespective of the fact that there are various other strong and powerful tools available with the professionals and experts. It’s not that using these four tools will make 100 per cent protected in the volatile market and you will never incur a loss. 

In fact, using these tools make your strategy simple, easily understandable and effective. Implementing these tools in trading  strategy over the years can make you understand its utility and action and repeated analysis of mistakes, finding out the circumstances when these indicators work best will make you more confident day after day.

Another problem with technical analysis is that many traders believe that the market can be predicted simply on the basis of price. They just continue to analyse the patterns, charts and graphs. In reality, it’s absurd to predict the market simply by comparing the price and patterns of past and present. Actually, the market moves not on the basis of price alone but on a number of other decisive factors including economic policies, political developments, climatic conditions.

It’s important to know how the traders in the market may behave as far as these factors are concerned leading to a change in the price of a currency. We must know, price cannot move the market but action by traders does. Technical analysis simply indicates the time and price to enter and exit a trader and where to put stop loss.

How To Create Super Attractive And Viral Post That Bring The Viewers Back To Your Blog

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blogger attractive post
Bloggers Create Attractive Post

This is the question often asked and searched by the bloggers. Making a blog professionally designed and highly eye catching in appearance are not enough to get wonderful volume of traffic. One might be wondering what the blog still lacks that viewers seldom visit it. Getting even a few hundred views daily is not an easy work.

As far as my experience goes getting an online presence takes time, may be even a few years and involves a lot of hard work and devotion. You can’t expect your blog to soar high as soon as it is published. Allow viewers required time to like it.

Your blog becomes effective and unique when you punch creative posts with professional design and layout. The game starts changing when viewers get spontaneously involved in your articles and cannot leave your post till the last word. You may certainly expect these viewers to come back again. The essence of creation is so strong that viewers revisit your blog just to find if there is any new post for them.

Here are the ways to creativity of your blog :

  • Ideal Bloggers’s Platform : If you are planning to start your first blog, then the most important decision is to choose the ideal and most popular ‘blog platform’ with simple and easy to understand interface. Read : 9 Ways About How To Choose The Ideal Blogger’s Platform That Keeps You Growing
  • Name Of Your Blog or Custom Domain : When applying for a blog or custom domain, try to keep it shortest possible and easily memorable. Think of ‘Twitter’ ‘Facebook’ ‘Yahoo’ or ‘Google’. Read : 7 Awesome Domain Name Generators For Your Awesome Blog
  • Choosing Your Topic : A lot depends on choosing the right topic to be successful. Always try to choose a topic much in demand these and widely searched in the internet. Topics such as ‘Loan & Finance’, ‘Job Opportunities’, ‘Home Loans’, ‘Home Business’, ‘Earning Opportunities’, ‘Mortgage & Refinance’, ‘Forex & Insurance’ can draw a fair volume of traffic. Read How To Start A Business With Only 5 Profitable Niche Blog Topics That May Make You Millionaire
  • Always do a lot of home work and study about how to draft the main topic of your blog to give it a touch of depth. This will enable you to stand out from the crowd and give you a permanent place in the minds of the readers. 
  • Discover how to write the most effective and impressive headlines for your post. Read to find more help from here
  • Devote your post to only one topic and not too many because this makes your blog inept. When you make a blog on earning you may include all positive earning opportunities and not any other topic such as physical activity or movies
  • Always invite comments and request readers to inspire you
  • Always create the first paragraph of your post ingenious because readers will feel encouraged to read on the next paragraphs only when they are aptly impressed by the first few lines. 
  • Ideal Length of the blog : This is a point to debate but generally it is believed that the length of the blog should be at least 250 to 300 words. Many are of the opinion that less than 250 words cannot explain and describe a subject properly. A lot of experienced bloggers also feel that the number of words should be anywhere between 500 to 1000. It is said when applying to Adsense for approval there should be at least 2 to 3 well drafted posts of at least 1200 words. It has been observed that extremely short (less than 250 words) and extremely high (around 2000 words) posts never rank as high in SEO as posts of a fair length. Read How To Get Adsense Approval On 1st Attempt
  • Use techniques such as Heading/Sub Heading, Capitals/Small bold/Italic, bullet wisely to make your blog more attractive and readable. Use of paragraph is also important for your blog.
  • Images : Images have their own language of expression and capable of making your blog meaningful and awesome. Read These 9 Tips About 10 Top Websites For Copyright Free Photos For Your Blog To Double Your Business  
  • Showing Recent Posts Side By Side : Adding a recent post widget has got an immense value as it enables the viewers to find all your attractive posts quickly with the click of a mouse. A recent post widget always gets automatically updated whenever you make a new post. Read :’Top Recent Post Widget For Your Blog’

Best retail Banking is all about different banking services in UAE

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Due to growing economy of Middle East and especially Dubai, it has become a crucial economic corridor between Asia and Europe. Daily hundreds of flights come to Dubai and leave Dubai. This shows that Dubai is a business hub or you can say that a city of business. So investors from all over the world are welcomed very warmly in Dubai and if you want to invest in Dubai do not need to hesitate whether to invest or not because it you will never get any loss it is my promise.  You will satisfy when you explore its business facilities through digital media. There are many services provided for entrepreneurs to establish their business here with the help of best retail banking in Dubai. So traders and multinational corporations can promote their business by utilizing the services provided by different bank. Banks in UAE are reliable and provide any type of service people need for both business and personal use. There are almost 60 banks in Dubai from which 23 are domestic banks; 28 are foreign banks and others are dedicated to Islamic Banking. The General-Secretariat of the Union of Arab Banks, UAB, has announced the inclusion of 85 Arab banks among the top 1,000 banks in the world, including 20 from the UAE. Here we discuss some important points regarding best retail banking so that one can get maximum benefits from the services of these world’s best banks. From the list of all banks in UAE, we have selected top two banks and we will compare the benefits and functioning of these two banks so that you get clear idea about the banking services in Dubai. First bank is Mashreq bank and second one is Dubai Islamic bank –One of the oldest bank in the town is Mashreq bank and it has been providing banking and financial services to millions of customers and businesses since 1967. With Mashreq Bank you can access any type of facility that you will be able to benefit Loans, Card, Insurance, and any types of offers as well.  Due to highly skilled financial advisors, Mashreq is invariably among the highest performing banks in the Region. Its financial performance reflects on its commitment to continue leading the UAE banking industry. Mashreq bank from the list of best retail banking is actually a sign for rising market share, solid equity base, growing asset base and return on assets and these factors provide a strong financial position in the market. Today, it has recognized as a world-class organization committed to maximizing value for shareholders, customers and employees as it focuses on delivering banking products and services that meet client needs and support the UAE’s dynamic economy. The most important factor of Mashreq bank is its online and digital services that are considered world’ best services. In Dubai majority of population is not inserted in traditional corporate banking services and prefer Islamic banking system so in this regard Dubai Islamic Bank is dedicated to Islamic Banking. In June 2012, the best retail banking in Dubai has been named as the Best Islamic Bank in the region by Banker Middle East Magazine. With over 35 years of experience in Islamic banking, Dubai Islamic Bank has combined the highest ethical standards of Sharia and it completely follow the Islamic laws in banking system. For example if someone needs a mortgage Dubai Islamic bank provide loan by purchasing a property from the borrower but through an agreement bank is bound to return the property after the complete bank installments that bank received in the form of property rent. The major difference between Mashreq bank and Dubai Islamic bank is that Mashreq bank due to best retail banking services at the same time provide Islamic banking facilities also but the latter is not deal in commercial banking. 

Top performing Sukuk fund opportunities in Dubai has boosted the business sector in Dubai either a small sized business or some other

For business initiatives, Dubai is one of the fastest growing economies in the world since 80’s. Right now it is the perfect place for expats looking to advance in their careers in the form of small business in Dubai through top performing sukuk fund. Top banks of Dubai in this regard provide best investment solutions for business in Dubai not even small but also the different multinational setups. Also top banks of Dubai provide commercial loans to expatriates as well as the locals to start a business in Dubai to make the economy of Dubai stronger. The establishment of small business in Dubai through top performing sukuk fund options is the key to Dubai’s future growth and also a profitable deal for investors as well. If we talk about the legal problems although licensing and registration is complex and requires a proper amount of start-up capital. Now there are different ways to manage these investment solutions as you can find easily business partners for small or big size business in Dubai. The region offers business projects to people an operating environment and it is very much friendly for the people who are interested in starting a business in Dubai. Take a deep breath and do not make any dream about business in Dubai and first consider two major components that will affect the profitability of your startup in which top performing sukuk fund services are of most important. These two points are very much important for everyone when he/she plan to start a business in Dubai. The success of a great business completely depends on sound knowledge of the local region. If you are an expat then, first of all, look carefully about the needs and demands of the local market where you are living as an expat. With thorough research into the viability and demand for your product or service and a credible business plan, you can set up a best business setup. I completely agree with you that you have a great idea, but there is need to check out properly that is there a demand for what you are offering? I mean if you are trying to set a business in Dubai and you are looking for a biryani shop, first you should visit the market and check the restaurants and hotel what they are offering in their menu? In Dubai region, it is very much necessary for you to have a clear idea about the local market of Dubai before going to set up a business in Dubai.

We all know that to start a business in Dubai is not an easy task as the region is very much expensive and one needs a huge investment even if he/she wants to start a small business in Dubai but now it is possible through top performing sukuk fund options. So what you need, you should search out a good local partner in Dubai. why I am focusing on local partner for business in dubai because the local person has clear idea about the local market of dubai and what are the needs and demands of local market so that one can invest in that specific area to start a business in dubai. Local partners can be individuals or companies, as it depends on the concept of business in Dubai. Mashreq bank is considered one of the most reliable and suitable bank if you want to start a business in Dubai. Because the professionals working with Mashreq bank can give you with maximum best business solution about the Dubai region. It has been working in Dubai since from last three decades and no other bank in Dubai can even touch the offers it has been providing to its clients either permanent or non –permanent. The best team of experts is always available for big traders and investors to provide them guidance about the business in Dubai. They not even guide you but also calculate your complete wealth solutions and investment plans. Top performing sukuk fund is the most appropriate facility that is being provided by Mashreq bank of Dubai. 

How To Add Google Analytics To Your Blog


Google Analytic To Your Blog

As far as real-time statistics of blog are concerned ‘Google Analytics’ is regarded to be the best & unique tool. Signing up for Google Analytics fetches a lot of advantages for you. 

If you haven’t signed up for Google Analytics yet, it is very easy to do.

Just log in to your blog and click here ‘Google Analytics’. Now, you will be directed to a page and at the top right you will see ‘Sign up or Create an account’ and click in the box. 

When redirected to the main Sign-up page just click into the ‘Sign up’ button to start. Now you are on a page like this :


google analytics

The page includes a number of options to get you started. Under ‘Reports‘  you will find a number of options like – Real-Time, Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, Conversions, Discover and Admin. Under each of these options you will see a number of sub-options which should be chosen and utilized according to your need.

Do not forget to include your Website Name and URL.  

You will be led to the main page with your ‘Tracking ID‘. If you have more than one blog, then you have to create ‘Tracking ID‘ for each blog separately.

The ‘Tracking ID’ must be copied & pasted into the blogger otherwise, your ‘Analytic’ will fail to monitor your blog. 

Add your ‘Tracking ID’ as follows :-

Go to ‘Settings’ > Other > Google Analytics and paste your ID in the ‘Analytics Web Property ID’ and click to save settings. Now, your Blog will be monitored by ‘Google Analytics’ 24 hours a day. 

Trade services in Dubai provide different opportunities for locals

Everyone knows that in past what are ways transportations and communication. These system took so long to complete a task but with the advancement in technology everything has been changed now. Same is the case with online payments. First we have to pay through checks and by post but now a days we can make online trade servicesthrough our smartphones to get into the stock market of any type in the world. Top banking sectors in Dubai provide best online trading facilities at anytime and anywhere in the world because of Internet has been around and available everywhere. If you remember how long it took to connect to an internet back in the days when it was newly develop and came into the market. Now the system of Mobile Banking and online trading options provided by a bank or other financial institution made life easy for investors and this service allows its customers to conduct financial transactions remotely using a mobile device such as a smartphone or computer has developed too much. Unlike the related internet banking it uses software, usually called an app, provided by the financial institution for the purpose. Digital trading services offered by banks and other financial institutions are usually available on a 24-hour basis. Online investment for stock market or forex market for transactions through mobile banking may include obtaining account balances and lists of latest transactions, electronic bill payments, and funds transfers from one account to another or from one bank to others. There are many apps has been developed through which you can transfer your money from one person to another in an easy and fast way for online stock trading account. These apps are frequently used everywhere in the world. Here we will discuss some online payment apps that are most often used by people throughout the world by using their trade services. Like every other developed countries and cities, Digital Banking UAE and mobile Banking Dubai has completely changed the online trading account options. Now suppose you are going for dinner or you want to take air ticket, through your Mobile Banking Dubai you can do online payment for each and every commodity. Through mobile banking when you make online payment you will be given with many incentives in the form of cash back discounts. This is the most amazing feature of online payment.

Mashreq bank is considered one of the oldest and best bank especially in terms of digital banking and provide their customers with mobile banking for online stock trading account. Mashreq mobile app is designed to provide its customers with online solutions when you cannot touch with bank physically. This app allows you to access your bank account right through your smart phone. It offers various services ranging from reviewing your balance to actually initiating a transaction. When you go to the digital banking portal of Mashreq bank, it provide you with online trading account option. This app is best for online payment purposes. How you can use this app it is a simple process you have to just follow these steps. First login on the Mashreq website and click on the online portal you will asked for to install snapp app on your smartphone. When you have installed the app you will asked to login the same id that you are using from your credit card of Mashreq bank. After that you will be given a password to make your account for trade services. This is the most secure app as online payment is a matter of money after all so everyone would be conscious about this. But that’s the beauty of Mashreq bank that it make sure the privacy and security of the online account of a customer for online payment of his /her bills or other tasks. The most important thing is that when you make any transaction either in Dubai or internationally you will be awarded with cash back discounts. 

How we can save our future earnings?

This request on savings account crosses every single tenant or non-tenant or segregate tenant’s mind. Moreover, it isn’t rash to consider a saving account in a place where you barely know a man. In addition, still, paying little respect to whether you do you ought to regardless open a saving account for your and your family’s motivation. Everything considered the once-over advantages and the extent of options unmistakable banks offer for saving account is gigantic. Be it, a saving account without slightest alter, saving account’s digitalized opening, and have you thought around 0 change saving account opening? Well, you will, go over on your examination over the colossal old web. It may sound astonishing to most of you that a zero modifies account opening is possible.
I have seen various people who have a huge money related adjust, and they pick up an entirety every month which is adequate for them to on for three months. This infers every month they can set aside money for two months. They do, keep it in the banks and not cash it out for unfortunate liberal spending. However, envision a situation in which I uncover to you they are treating it horrendously. You would snap at me, wouldn’t you? I mean it looks good to snap at me since I am revealing to you a man picking up this better is achieving something mistakenly.

How money can be doubled? –

The primary reason for me supporting this idea is on account of regardless of whether it isn’t sufficient, I know the overall revenue isn’t that high a large portion of the circumstances, however, it is still superior to no benefit by any means. Truly, remain with me I am will make detect out of opening saving account. On one hand, there is a market which is holding up to investigate, a business to thrive, an existence to be lived, an occupation to be done, cash to be earned and time to experience everything. A decent specialist is who knows how to double the cash he as of now has. Presently, you will contend you know how to make it twofold so you simply buckle down constantly and gain enough to survive a superior expectation for everyday comforts and stuff. Be that as it may, all you have to rather is glance intently around yourself. You have trillions of alternatives, and a few choices are as straightforward as cutting a cake, for example, online banking and so forth.

Why we should prefer Mashreq Bank? –

The first and last may won’t work that basically and require fairly all the more thing over. Regardless, the two in the middle are no-brainers. I mean savings account will essentially keep your bank alter afloat, and the persistence you are the profitable you get. You may look more about kinds of accounts and how such bank account in UAE works in different countries. In case you will open one such an account for your Dubai’s well winning pay then you should need to examine for saving account Dubai or better visit saving account Dubai Mashreq Bank. Mashreq bank offers a prevalent month advance cost which might be reasonable for you. For the present keep scanning for best accounts subtle elements in UAE. It can be a most straightforward strategy to make an advantage of your merited money. Here’s a look at why it is better than most? It is a most seasoned bank working from recent three decades. Additionally, it’s digitalized services are an ideal one for all.

Buy foreign currency in Dubai by using Forex trading

For more than 30 years, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is enjoying best economic growth. It is due to the country’s reliance on oil and gas which supports its imports and exports. There are many resource in Dubai in the form of strong economy, international investors and brands. But here if we talk about the oil resources in fact, the UAE has the seventh largest oil reserves and third largest natural gas reserves in the world. This is the most interesting thing for international investors and also attracting many foreign investors and international businesses who are in search of enhancing their wealth. We can find a major tilt to buy foreign currency in Dubai matters happened daily in market of Dubai. But to get the best rates for foreign currency to succeed in the UAE market, an international business owner must understand how the country’s official currency works. As most of the outsider or big traders do not know exactly about the foreign currency ups and downs so they are completely unable to expand and invest in this area. But top banks of Dubai now are very much cooperative for this purpose and deals with all investors who are their clients and provide them best financial experts to deal with these problems. As you all know that the official currency of Dubai is dirham (AED), how it works and how foreign currency policies impact the process of managing foreign exchange in Dubai. In 1973, the Central Bank of the UAE put the dirham into circulation for the first time to compete with the dollar and pound, replacing the Bahraini dinar and the Qatari/Dubai riyal as the UAE’s national currency. Right now, the dirham’s currency exchange rate is very different in rates in comparison to foreign currency like the U.S. dollar (USD).
Condition of Major Powers
The UAE’s seven emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain, Ajman, Fujairah and Ra’s al-Khaimah – currently operate under the same currency policy. In every state you can buy foreign currency in Dubai that is local to these states. Also steps have been taken to unite the entire Middle Eastern region under one common foreign currency but still things are under consideration. In 2001, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), an alliance made up of the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait, agreed to implement a united foreign currency but the UAE, the largest economy in the GCC, opted out in 2009 due to its personal interest and reservations. As every state wants to be the head of this matter such as foreign currency, there is always a clash between these states. Implications for International Businesses. Since UAE opting out of the GCC proposal, the UAE is expected to maintain its current policy and keep the dirham as the official currency of the state. Fortunately, this presents a foreign exchange situation in the market and UAE has become now a min world due to its attachment with the world’s power markets such as America and Canada. All the business owners who are pursuing the UAE market are from developed countries and most of them belongs to European states. If you want to calculate and buy foreign currency in Dubai and exchange rates like dollars to dirhams and making international payments is now quick and easy when using a trusted online FX service. This is best service and most of the top banks of Dubai are dealing in this area. I just remind you that top banks of Dubai are very professional in providing digital bank innovation services and among all Mashreq bank is one of the most reliable bank.  

Buy Foreign Currency in Dubai offers of Mashreq NEO
Well Mashreq bank is known as the best bank in Dubai when we are talking about the banking services. No other bank can give you cheapest banking services than Mashreq bank. It is situated in the mid of the city of Dubai and is working from last three decades. Now it has an excellent repute in the global market of Dubai. For complete comprehensive detail about to buy foreign currency in Dubai offers of Mashreq bank, one can visit the official website of the bank. When you will open the online portal of the bank you can have all information at your hand.

10 Amazing Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Easy Tips For Beginners To Increase Blog Traffic Quickly

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increase blog traffic
Increase Blog Traffic



Increase Blog Traffic

Building a terrific blog is easier than getting a regular good volume of traffic. There are a few excellent and easy ways to get a fair volume of traffic in a quite a short span of time. These tips are tried by myself and produced excellent results. There might be a lot of tactics but it is difficult to apply all of them in a single blog. 

It’s because all tips are not easy to implement for all bloggers and specially for the beginners. So, it’s better to go for a few selected tips which are not too complicated and very easy to apply. I am sure, they will help you positively. Remember the volume of traffic always increases gradually as you go on implementing them and not overnight.

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 1) Blog Should Always Be SEO Friendly :

The primary source of traffic that comes to any blog/website is through search engine. So, ignoring or neglecting SEO is a major mistake. SEO can make your blog a massive traffic earner and is number one in terms of importance. Millions of people search various topics in the main search engines of today — Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and many more. 

Figures suggest that between 2007 and 2013 number of daily searchers continued to rise and in 2014 it crossed 6 billion mark. Therefore, it can be easily imagined where it has gone in 2016. 

The title/headline of the blog should be unique & viral and highly SEO friendly otherwise you can never get good volume of viewers. Writing great and unique headlines may make 9 out of every 10 viewers to click on your articles.   

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A blogger with creative & attractive contents will get more traffic than a blogger with no good contents at all. So, paying attention to create quality articles pays and improves rankings and visibility in search engines. Good SEO friendly posts are powerful enough to drive traffic to your blog. 

Although, social network sites are a factor these days to create massive volume of traffic but that never undermines the utility of search engines like Google/Yahoo/Bing.

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2) Keyword Based Contents :

Keywords are words that are used by searchers/readers in search engines to search a topic. If the title of your blog and its contents contain these keywords, search engine bot quickly produce your blog in the search results. Your blog/site gets ranked by bot in search engines based on keywords. Keyword is not an easy subject and its research is a continuous process and always keep changing. A keyword is strong enough to altar the search engine results to a great extent. You can use ‘Moz Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis Tool‘   Another place  Keyword Tool
There is a free available helping tool by Google to help you in this segment ‘AdWords Keyword Planner’

When a few words are typed in the search box, Moz shows you its ‘Difficulty’ ‘Opportunity’ ‘Potential Strength’ ‘Suggestions’ & ‘SERP Analysis’. Similarly ‘AdWord’ shows phrases that match the intent and/or terms you have used. Another great ‘keyword’ suggestion tool is Ubersuggest

3) Blogger’s  Platform :

A suitable blogging platform also makes a lot of difference. The ‘Platform’ should be helpful with simple and easy to understand interface. Google / WordPress are the primary names to mention here apart from many others. 

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4) Connect With Social Platforms :

As told earlier, apart from search engines the key factor that plays a vital role in getting a massive volume of traffic are social sites such as Facebook Twitter Reddit Tumblr StumbleUpon Pinterest. These sites produce billions of visitors from almost all parts of the world. These social platforms are an excellent source of sharing your articles with others. At the same time, you gain valuable experience when others share their contents with you. 

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5) Power of Your Niche :

Blog topics or niche are something that create interest among viewers whether to click a specific blog to view it. Selecting the right niche or topic for your blog can make a major difference in the volume of daily traffic. There are numerous number of subjects on which a blog may be made but all are not ranked in the same level. 

Since all niches are not going to be very popular, one has to be very careful in selecting one’s niche to get a satisfactory volume of traffic. 
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6) Excellent Designs Can Help :

A nice, professional, premium and responsive template can place your blog/website above all. A beautiful design not only attracts more viewers but also retain them to your blog for a longer period. Starting your blog with an attractive template will give you an edge over others. 
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7) Show Post Title Before Blog Title :

Showing ‘post title’ before ‘blog title’ in Google search engines can lead to a considerable hike in search engine traffic. Google allows 65 characters in the search results. 
Therefore, if  ‘blog  title’ crosses 65 mark then google is not going to show your ‘post title’ at all. Even if your blog title remains within 65 characters it is impossible to show the complete post title in search engine.

This is where you suffer most, losing a great amount of your daily traffic. The solution lies in doing something that lets you show the post title before the blog title. If you can do this, you will find within a few days that your volume of viewers is on the rise.

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8) Add A Sitemap To Your Blog :

You created your blog spending your precious time energy and you wish your blog posts be read by thousands at least if not lacs. Apart from this point of view, if you have got ‘Adsense’ approval already then the more people view it daily the more is your income.

To get high amount of traffic your blog must be found and indexed by the google search engine bot. Here, the need arises for addition of a suitable sitemap to your blog. 

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9) Connect Your Blog/Site To Google Webmaster Tools :

When you create a blog you surely wish that more and more people worldwide view your posts. This is possible only when your blog/site is indexed properly by the search engine bot. The first step to do this is to submit your site to ‘Google Webmaster Tools.

Apart from viewing by more and more people, all bloggers also wish to get ‘Adsense’ approval to earn money from their blogs. To earn money from ‘Adsense’ you must enjoy a reasonable volume of traffic. When you submit your site to webmaster tools, your site is properly indexed by search engine bot quickly enabling to get traffic.

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10) Adding Photos And Illustrations Can Be of Immense Help :

Images and graphics can add beauty to your blog and make it more impressive and meaningful. Observed a blog with a good content supported with photos and graphics draw more traffic than a blog with a good content but no images and graphics at all. If you wish to apply for Adsense approval in future, then the images must be free from copyright. 

There are a number of sites who are ready to offer astonishing copyright free images.

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11) Interactions With The Comments Of Your Blog :

When the blog starts getting a number of daily views, many comments start appearing from all types of viewers. Some of these comments may not deserve any reply while some try to draw traffic from your blog by posting the url of their own blogs. 

In spite of all these, you will still find a few comments which are really inspiring. Do not neglect these comments, reply to them, take part in the comments of other blogs. This way you can make publicity of your blog and at the same time increase visibility. 

12) Take Help From Buzzsumo To Generate Viral Content :

This is a great place that can help you select the most popular topic in your niche. Write the primary keyword of your niche in the search column and click ‘go’. This incredible tool will show top viral posts related to your ‘keyword’ and also its total number of shares/tweets in the social media. Examine the headlines of these posts and create your own.  

Learn 7 Eternal Truths About Forex Market You Can’t Afford To Be Unware Of

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foreign exchange market
foreign exchange market

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Nowadays, taking up forex trading either as part time or full time profession has become very much common among traders and investors. At the same time, the investors and traders always seek more information and always try to find out the truth in the forex market that will empower them with more knowledge and expertise. Below are given 7 most common truths that are always true for every trader and all traders must be aware of :-

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Consulting the Experts and market Gurus won’t always pay :

  • Be always aware that psychology of traders vary from person to person. All never think the same way and it’s only because of this trading in either foreign currency market or share market exists. It is foolish to think that a strategy that did marvel for someone will do the same thing for another. Make your own strategy yourself. Consulting an expert or guru is a good step but at the same copying the techniques of a guru will never make you a guru. There is no such course that can make someone 100 per cent successful trader in the market. You have to create your own unique idea by learning new lessons everyday from your mistakes. 

Day Trading is Risky but Profitable too :

  • Day trading is a game of guessing and involves risk but at the same time may fetch attractive profit within a short time. There are thousands of traders who prefer ‘day trading’ to ‘time frame investments’. Day trading never means you have to trade daily but indicates that buy/sale take place on the same day. It involves the trick of hitting the right ball at the most opportune moment. ‘Day trading’ demands experience and power of anticipation. 

Power of Observation :

  • There are days when nothing can be made out about the market. Just watch, observe and find out what others are doing, it will enrich your experience. Observation is a powerful tool available free of cost. 

Select a Few but the Best :

  • Engaging your brain over a lot of currency pairs will not only overburden the mind but also make things aimless and confusing. Try to select a few out of the best and technically superior based on your strategy. This will make mind free and help attain concentration. 

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Always Practice Your Hand 

  • Practising hand on a ‘demo account’ is always desirable before taking part in real life trading. But don’t be surprised if the strategy followed by you in ‘demo account’ fail in ‘real trading’. Practice in ‘demo account’ makes one familiar with the interface of buy/sale and a rough idea of trading but never makes one expert. There is a gap between practice and reality.  

Go for a Simple but Strong Strategy than a Complex one 

  • There is a proverb “Too many cook spoil the broth”. It means if too many people are invoked in cooking a particular dish each might add a different ingredient which in the end, spoils the entire dish. Likewise, too many tips, charts, fundamental & technical analysis will spoil the brain and lead nowhere. Never attempt all sorts of technical tools available to make your strategy perfect, it will only make you confused. So, try to use a few best tools to make your strategy unique.

Trading is not a Compulsion but a Passion

  • Anyone can trade in the forex market 24×7 but that doesn’t mean either you trade or you lose money. The truth is that any attempt to trade daily in the market irrespective of it being stable or volatile will force you to lose a lot of money. Sometimes, it’s important to wait and watch in the market. Hitting the ball at the right time at the right moment can win the game. So, think more and act less. 

9 Superior Adsense Alternatives You Will Love To Try For Your Blog


adsense alternatives

It’s a fact that creating blogs and websites can be one of the best ways of generating passive income. It takes a lot of hard work and brain to create a eye-catching blog/website.

Obviously, the creator behind this, deserves the right to expect some income for his/her hard work. To do this, one needs to associate the blog with an ‘Ad Network’ and allow various ads to appear in different pages of the blog. 

When a viewer clicks on those ads, one starts earning money. There are various types of websites who deal in various types of ads – each having its own set of advantages & disadvantages. 

There are CPC(cost per click) type of Ad-Network who pay you when somebody clicks on an ad. There are CPA(cost per action) type of Ad-Network who pays you somebody completes an action e.g. buys a product/places an order for a product or fills up a form with his/her name,email etc. There are Networks who pay you for the number of videos played or pay for the number of emails collected. 

It may be mentioned beyond doubt that the best income is generated by CPC type of ads. But to generate income from this type of ads one must have a high number of daily dedicated visitors and a great CTR(click through rate). 

Otherwise, one has to look for websites that pay for impressions (CPM)i.e. pay you for every thousand people that your website serves the ad to.

For blogs/websites that attract a lot of daily visitors but a lower CTR rate, CPM based Ad-Network may be an attractive option compared to CPC and CPA types of ads.

May be you are really depressed for not getting Adsense approval or got banned, then must go through this article.

Below is given a list of 7 best CPM Ad-Networks the bloggers will love to experiment :- 


The good thing about ‘BuySellAds’ is that it has no minimum traffic requirements. Even if your blog/website has not reached a daily traffic of even one thousand but only a few hundreds, you can apply here. 75% of the revenue is offered by BuySellAds to publishers and they keep the rest.

This is a well known ad network by Yahoo and Bing. has a very enviable list of reputed publisher clients like Ziff Davis, Hearst, Reuters, Yahoo Kiplinger, The Street etc. At present, is the second largest contextual ads program in the world. Here, publishers can customize their ads according to their preference using their ‘easy to understand’ platform.

If one has a website with good amount of traffic specially from USA and Europe one can expect to get their approval. Learn more about their program 


The best thing about UberCPM is their easy and instant approval process. If someone is rejected by any other ad network then this is the place to get it quickly. This is one of the fastest growing ad network at present and shares 80% of the revenue with the publishers. 

Multiple advertisers can bid for a place in your website through their ad exchange platform. After registration, it will take about 4 to 5 days by the advertisers to review your website. If revenue from Adsense is poor for a small or medium publisher, then this is the right place to supplement the revenue.

This AOL venture has both CPM based ads and Revenue Share ads in their inventory to offer to all sorts of publishers. Their revenue from CPM based ads is quite impressive and publishers with good CTR rate can earn well with their RevShare ads. Presently, AOL approves sites which have at least 500,000 monthly traffic. So, before applying here, one has to gain a lot of visitors first.


Adsterra is an extraordinary ad network platform both for publishers and as well as advertisers with its highly innovative ad formats and numerous reputed brands using this platform. Earning from blog/website is easy as they offer publishers a 100% fill rate and highest CPM. 

With 10 billion ad impressions per month covering 190 countries and 20K active ad campaigns, it’s clearly understandable why Adsterra has emerged as a real Adsense competitor. 

They offer 2 payments per month – 1-2 and 16-17 with minimum $100 payout and several payment processors such as Paypal, Payza, Webmoney, Paxum, ePayments and Wire Transfer also. 


Adbuff is equipped with a real-time bidding platform and is a superb, innovative ad network. This place provides excellent advantage to the publishers by putting the largest advertisers against one another to bid for its inventory of ‘publishers’ websites.

By doing this, Adbuff rewards its publishers with top CPM rate. They are a premium ad network and naturally have strict guidelines both for publishers & advertisers. At present, they are accepting publishers who have at least daily 2000 unique visitors with a majority of them from USA,UK,Canada and Australia. 

Approval process takes between 5-7 days and all new publishers are awarded with a $25 welcome bonus. If your website meets the above criteria then this is the best CPM based ad network. 


Criteo served more than 740 billion ads in 2014 alone and with its list of 7800 plus advertisers it may be described as an esteemed ad network. In recent times Criteo has gained immense popularity by offering its publishers a high rate of CPM revenue. 

That Criteo has ensured a strong position in this segment is evident from the fact that the rate of renewal of service agreements with its popular advertisers is more than 96%.

They have advertisers across 90 countries of the globe and served 900+ billion ads in 2016.

Conversant Media

For more than 15 years, Conversant Media is transforming the way that brands reach and talk to consumers, to drive meaningful relationship at incredible scale.
They have 4000 clients including 400+ blue chip brands and their ads bring about 5.1 million purchases daily.
Conversant Media is reinventing the landscape of digital marketing with its innovative ad designs and its network spreads to North America, Europe and Asia. 

Meridian Sorvin

This is a CPM based ad network that accepts publisher of any size. You will be paid even if your viewers do not click on your ads. 

Although, Meridian lets you to fix a minimum price for the space of your blog/website but there might be times when it can’t fill up all your space, so they allow ‘backfill’. This means you can allow other ad networks including ‘Adsense’ to show their ads when meridian can’t do so. Many other ad networks are also allowed. 

The minimum threshold is $25 and which is paid via PayPal, ACH,eCheck, International Wire Transfer.  

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Top 6 Lessons About Personal And Family Insurance To Learn

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personal and family insurance
Personal And Family Insurance                                                     

Personal And Family Accident Insurance

Nobody can predict how and when an accident is going to happen and oneself or any family member may die or may become permanently disabled. May God forbid but in such a circumstances a huge cost for medical treatment is to be borne by the head of the family. So it is always wise to have an insurance cover for oneself and the family members in case of such an unpredictable eventuality.

This type of policy offers compensation in case of bodily injury or death to the insured person(s) directly and solely caused by an accident, external, visible and violent means. An accident may cripple a family’s financial resources due to very high modern medical cost involved in well known and reputed private hospitals.

An accident policy ensures financial coverage to the family to deal with these medical expenses by providing funds on an urgent basis. In the absence of proper medical treatment, the victim may die or his/her movement may become restricted for ever. An accident policy usually operates worldwide 24 hours a day. Under this segment of policy different covers are available to meet different types of need, from a restricted cover of death only to a comprehensive cover of death, temporary or permanent disablements.

An accident policy is available for oneself or may cover the entire family with a rider. Group personal accident policies are also available for specified groups with a discount in premium depending upon the size of the group. This type of policy is designed to allow a financial support payable in the form of compensation to the insured(s) for suffering bodily injury due to an accident which is external, violent and visible. Main features :- 

  • An accident policy covers individuals between 5 to 70 years

  • The policy is generally issued for 1 year and is renewable thereafter

  • The policy may cover self only or/and spousedependent children and dependent parents 
  • In case of unfortunate death usually 100% of the sum assured is payable
  • Possessing an accident policy gives one mental peace and one need not suffer from anxiety and helplessness about how to arrange for medical treatment. Rebate is allowed in income tax by the government for payment of premium on account of an accidental policy upto a certain limit. Individual and group personal accident policies cover expenses of treatment of an accident covered under the policy as well as for total/partial and temporary/permanent disabilities.

    A Typical Personal Accident Insurance usually covers :-

    • Accidental Death Benefit
    • Total Permanent Disability Benefit
    • Permanent Partially Disability Benefit
    • Temporary Partial Disability Benefit
    • Hospitalization Expenses
    • Some Policies Also Cover ‘Loss of Income Risk’ Due to Total/partial Permanent Disability
    In case of an ‘accidental injury’ following things to be done promptly :-
    • Notify the policy issuing company immediately
    • Submit police report if any
    • Fill up claim form and enclose medical certificates certifying disabilities
    • If the policy covers medical expenses also, the original prescriptions/cash memos to be submitted
    In case of death caused by an accident :
    • Notify the policy issuing company immediately
    • Fill up ‘claim form’ and enclose copy of ‘death certificate’, ‘autopsy report’, ‘police report’ and policy in original
    Accidental policies do not cover death or disablements because of :-
    • Suicide or attempted suicide and intentional self injury
    • Death/disablement caused by drugs, consumption of liquor or anything intoxicating 
    • Breach of law with criminal intent
    • Any pre existing physical or mental disorder
    • Armed/Police forces personnel, Aircraft pilots deployed in hazardous conditions

    List of major companies(some of them in collaboration with foreign companies also) in India providing  ‘Accidental Insurance Policies’ :-

    • Tata AIG
    • Max Bupa
    • Star Health
    • SBI Life
    • Bajaj Allianz
    • The New India Assurance Company Ltd
    • HDFC Life
    • Appolo Munich
    • National Insurance
    • Royal Sunderam
    You may visit websites of these companies for full ‘terms & conditions’, premium and amount of coverage. 
    Premium of an accidental policy does not always depend on age :-

    The premium of an ‘accidental policy’ is dependent on ‘working condition’ and ‘nature of job’ of the assured rather than age. There is a major difference in ‘risk factors’ for a person working in an office than a person working in a ‘Fire Brigade’ or a person working in a factory full of hazardous machineries. Hence, each kind of job profiles are divided into various risk levels viz, Risk Level 1 / Risk Level 2 / Risk Level 3 etc. Therefore, the amount of premium for a person of similar age group but working under various conditions differs widely. 

    How To Make Money In Forex – Using These 5 Secret Tricks

    Although, forex market is a risky area of profession specially for newbies and about half of the traders lose money,  still a lot of people are entering into this trade daily. It has been observed many of those losing money never follow a well-thought and well-planned strategy of investment. Instead their trading is mainly aimed at betting

    In this article an effort has been made to make the traders aware of certain ‘Must’ to remain always in the safe zone in forex market and at the same time increase the chances of making reasonable profit in most of the trades.

    5 Secret Tricks To Make Money In Forex





    #1) Nobody can be a good player in the market without undergoing a good training and without attending seminars, workshops arranged by experts in this field. To be a good trader and expert in forex market first try to develop skill and knowledge. Unless you are capable of charting your trades and learn how to apply indicators to calculate the right time of entry/exit of a trade, you can never expect to make money.
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    #2) Not to mention it’s always prudent to select the right trading system before entering forex market. There are various types of trading system available with all online ‘Broking Firms’. By applying a certain level of software like charting & auto trades saves both time and labour. Using total auto trading system should be adopted with caution.

    #3) A suitable trading plan is the pillar of success in forex market. An ideal trading plan works like a compass and a navigator for a trader without which the ‘trading boat’ is most likely to capsize. The trader cannot reach any goal and make money without a ‘fail safe’ trading plan.

    #4) A trader can never be a successful one without following a disciplined approach to forex trading. A disciplined trader is one who always sticks to predetermined ‘trading plan’ and never get affected with emotions such as greed or fear. Following the preset stop-loss and target irrespective of anything else is the right disciplined way of trading. Greed may influence a trader for more and may prevent from making profit at predetermined level while fear may push a trader to leave the trade early. A disciplined trader is one who never gets affected with emotions.  

    #5) Money Management is the next most important aspect a trader should think about in forex market. It may be termed as controlling risk with the use of appropriate ‘stop loss’ in each & every trade. Using right calculated ‘stop loss’ balances potential for profit against potential for loss. Use your brain to select the right trade out of thousands where risk of suffering loss is very low but the potential for making profit is reasonably far better in forex market.   


    The A – Z Of 9 Cool Instagram Widgets You Must Read For Your Blog

    An Instagram widget not only beautifies your blog but also helps you embed grams in your blog. In the absence of an official widget by Instagram that may enable you to embed grams in your blog/website, some third party widgets for Instagram may be chosen to do the task. Below are described some third party widgets that can do wonder for your blog :-


    Instansive is available both for free and premium version for a little price of $5 only. Both have almost same features except the difference that the premium version is always up to date while the free version is updated only once daily.



    Features :

    • Photos may be displayed in grid, as slideshow or column
    • Show or hide image caption
    • Add hover effect
    • All photos linked to Instagram
    • Support for Drupal and WordPress available


    This is one of the best Instagram widgets growing popular day by day. At present, the site is being used by thousands of website owners and is available for a meagre fee of $6.99. You may try this one use it effectively in your blog. 




    • Photos may be displayed as slideshow, in grid or scrolling
    • Size and layout of thumbnail may be customized
    • Customize images with background color hover effect
    • Create a maximum of 10 widgets (for premium members)
    • Link images to Instagram or any other page(for premium members)
    • Advanced customization may be linked with Google analytic and pop-up facility (for premium members)


      This is an excellent place for Instagram widget. Its latest features connected with social sites will enthral any blogger.



      Features :

      • Edit photos with latest tools
      • Pull images or hashtags and display in grid or as a slideshow
      • Full customization of images with layout, size, thumbnail 


      This is the most efficient and flexible Instagram widget armed with a number of tools for customization of all images. Customize your images at will with color, border, size, spacing etc to suit the need of your blog.



      WP Instagram Widget

      This is another Instagram widget that lets you customize your images through custom CSS code. This is a very easy and simple Instagram plugin for WordPress as no authentication is required to fetch photos. 

      WP Instagram widget


      Instafeed has the option to bend the photo grid and at the same time customize with CSS & HTML. This is a meaningful and most popular Instagram widget who has skill and knowledge of JavaScript. 


      Pic Puller

      Those who are using the ‘Expression Engine CMS’ for powering websites, this flexible Instagram add-on comes really handy. Although, there are two versions – free & premium, the free version has ample scopes for customization and is suitable for many users. 

      pic puller


      This excellent Instagram widget helps you to make your blog rich and attractive with its awesome hover effect and image padding enabling to create various types of photo grids. Its settings enable to change widget background and image color also, making it possible for everyone to match its look as per website design. Imageagram has become very popular these days because of this uncommon feature. 

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      Websta makes it perfect for showing of Instagram moments using its generators. You can choose to display all posts from your feed. You are given a code after customization that can be pasted on your blog/website.

      You can include up to 150 pics in a single grid along with custom spaces and borders. Color may be customized to suit the theme of the blog or website.





      The 10 Best Forex Broker Companies In The Forex Market Of The World You Can Rely On

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      forex broker
      forex broker

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      Forex Brokers

      Below is given a list of 10 highest rated online ‘Forex Brokers’ of the world. The ratings given against the brokers is determined by the forex traders all over the world. People intending to take up forex trading whether as a part time or full time profession are welcome to visit their websites to know more details

      1) HotForex


      Forex Broker HotForex
      Headquarters : Ebene, Mauritius
      Broker Type / Order Processing : NDD
      Account Currencies : EUR / USD
      Automated Trading : Yes
      VPS Available : Free with $5000 Account
      Account Types : Micro, Premium, Zero Spread, Fixed, HF Social, Islamic
      Online Since : 2009
      No of Currency pairs : 47
      Minimum Account : $25
      Minimum Transaction : 0.01 Lot
      Maximum Leverage : 1:1000 (Micro)
      Rating : 8.15

      2) XM


      Forex Broker XM
      Headquarters : Limassol, cyprus
      Broker Type/Order Processing:STP
      Account Currencies:EUR,GBP,AUD,JPY,USD
      Automated Trading:Yes
      VPS Available:Free with $5000 Account
      Account Types:Micro,standard,zero
      Online since:2009
      No of Currency Pairs:55
      Minimum Account:$5
      Minimum Transaction:0.01 Lot
      Maximum Leverage:1:888

      3) IC Markets


      forex broker IC markets
      IC Markets

      Headquarters: Sydney,Australia 
      Broker Type/Order Processing:ECN
      Account Currencies:EUR,GBP,USD,SGD,AUD
      Automated Trading:Yes
      VPS Available:Minimum 100 round turn per month is eligible
      Account Types:Standard,True ECN,C-Trader ECN
      Online Since:2007
      No of Currency Pairs:64
      Minimum Account:$200
      Minimum Transaction:0.01 Lot
      Maximum Leverage : 1:500
      Rating : 8.01

      4) FXTM


      forex broker fxtm
      Headquarters : Limassol, Cyprus
      Broker Type/Order Processing : NDD / ECN
      Account Currencies: USD,GBP,EUR
      Automated Trading: Yes
      VPS Available : Yes
      Account Types :Standar,ECN,ECN Zero,ECN Strategy,ECN MTS
      Online Since : 2011
      No of Currency Pairs : 58
      Minimum Account :$5
      Minimum Transaction : 0.01 Lot
      Maximum Leverage : 1:1000
      Rating : 7.99

      5) Exness (CY) Ltd


      forex broker exness

      Headquarters : Limassol, Cyprus
      Broker Type / Order Processing : NDD / ECN
      Account Currencies : EURO, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF
      Automated Trading : Yes
      VPS Available : Yes
      Account Types :ECN,Mini,Classic
      Online Since : 2008
      No of Currency Pairs : 105
      Minimum Account : $1
      Minimum Transaction : 0.01 Lot
      Maximum Leverage : 1:2000
      Rating : 7.82

      6) Global Prime

      forex broker global prime
      Global Prime


      Headquarters : Sydney, Australia
      Broker Type / Order Processing : STP / ECN
      Account Currencies : GBP,EURO,AUD,CAD,SGD,USD
      Automated Trading : Yes
      VPS Availsable : Free With 20 Lots per month
      Account Types : ECN
      Online Since : 2010
      No of Currency Pairs : 42
      Minimum Account : $500
      Minimum Transaction : 0.01 Lot
      Maximum Leverage : 1:100
      Rating : 7.77

      7) FxPro

      forex broker fxpro


      Headquarters : London,UK
      Broker Type / Order Processing :NDD / ECN
      Account Currencies :USD,GBP,JPY,EUR,AUD,CHF
      Automated Trading : Yes
      VPS Available : Yes
      Account Types :MT4 Floating Market,MT4 Floating Instant,MT4 Fixed                Instant,cTrader,SuperTrader
      Online Since : 2006
      No of Currency Pairs : 70
      Minimum Account : $500
      Minimum Transaction : 0.01 Lot
      Maximum Leverage : 1:500
      Rating : 7.67



      forex broker GKFX
      Headquarters : London, UK
      Broker Type / Order Processing : MM
      Account Currencies : USD, GBP, EUR
      Automated Trading : Yes
      VPS Available : Free with $4000 Account only
      Account Types :Swap Free, Variable, Fix, VIP
      Online Since : 2010
      No of Currency Pairs : 50
      Minimum Account :$1
      Minimum Transaction :0.01 Lot
      Maximum Leverage : 1:400
      Rating : 7.62

      9) Pepperstone


      forex broker Pepperstone
      Headquarters : Melbourne, Australia
      Broker Type / Order Processing : STP / ECN
      Account Currencies : USD,GBP,EUR,AUD,CAD,NZD,JPY,HKD,SGD
      Automated Trading : Yes
      VPS Available : Yes
      Account Types : Standard STP, Razor, Islamic
      Online Since :2010
      No of Currency Pairs : 70
      Minimum Account : $200
      Minimum Transaction :0.01 Lot
      Maximum Leverage : 1:500
      Rating : 7.59

      10)Dukascopy Bank SA


      forex broker Dukascopy
      Headquarters : Geneva, Switzerland
      Broker Type / Order Processing : ECN
      Account Currencies :GBP,EUR,USD,JPY,NZD,HKD,SGD,CAD & many more
      Automated Trading : Yes
      VPS Available : No
      Account Types : Single Account Type
      Online Since : 2006
      No of currency pairs : 52
      Minimum Account : $100
      Minimum Transaction : 0.01 Lot
      Maximum Leverage : 1:100
      Rating : 7.51

      Priority services in UAE are suitable for big traders

      If you are doing a business then you have a clear idea that a trader or an investor are so much busy that they do not have much time to manage their banking services through their physical presence so they need a Priority services in UAE options and offers. So by placing an experienced team of managers and specialists of financial fields by using the path of top banks of Dubai you can have all set your mobile banking services at your one hand at any time. This is the modern technology and every investor is very much interested in taking these offers. Priority services in UAE are the basically services that come under the category of priority banking. Different bank provide different priority banking services in the form of digital banking and internet banking options. Here we discuss some priority banking services that are being provided by top banks of Dubai. First is the facility and availability of Dedicated Relationship Team. As a trader you have to travel frequently all over the world for your business purposes to enhance your wealth because where you will stop you will be stuck there because now a days competition has been increased and people all over the world through fast priority services in UAE compete with other investors and traders. Now here the top bank of Dubai provide you solution to manage your time as when you become a Priority Banking client, a dedicated and skilled Relationship Manager is assigned to manage your interests and it will also build good relationships with bank. You can say that in a sense he/she is your public relation officer that meets your priority banking services as it is appointed through bank with you are dealing for financial purposes.
      Another thing is that your Relationship Manager who is appointed for your priority services in UAE is not only who works with you. Infect top banks of Dubai provide you relationship manager along with highly experienced team of customer service managers and product experts who can help you on a wide range of financial needs such as investments, foreign exchange, insurance, mortgage and other services. The members of the team are highly skilled because these are the experts that are most famous all over the world and bank hired them on very expensive salary packages but as they are in best interests of banks so in return bank is completely show willingness of their services.
      Third when we talk about priority services in UAE, it means ask once and it’s done’ service because the customers or clients in the form of big traders and investors are the sole source of economy and total capital of banks so in mobile banking services all top banks of Dubai are very conscious and very much disciplined because the clients of mobile banking are also very disciplined so there is no clash between the bank and the client. Most of the banks claim that being our Priority Banking client, we understand your need for a faster, simpler and differentiated banking experience. Our best relationship team can handle your all priority banking requirements in a highly professional way so you do not worry about your priority banking services.

      Mobile banking is most reliable and secured way of doing a business when it comes for big traders. Everyone is very much conscious about the priority banking services and packages so it is a suggestion that when you are taking the priority services in UAE you should be very well aware about the standard and credibility of the bank. First of all if you are thinking about such type of services, then go and visit the websites of the banks. Read the offers and services. Now the most important thing you have to see on the online portal of the banks is to read clearly about their terms and conditions because these are very thin lines at the end of the page. But do not worry all work has been done for you. Thorough research show that for priority services in UAE by Mashreq bank of Dubai is best among all as it is working from last 3 decades in this area. Cheapest priority banking services with small charges are being provided by Mashreq Bank of Dubai. Mobile banking services provided to customers including online payments, financial solutions and others are best provided by Mashreq bank of Dubai.  

      7 Easy Ways To Keep Visitors Longer In Your Blog



      We spend a lot of time to make a post. We also hope the post be read by thousands of visitors and the link gets a very high ranking in SEO. But the sad thing is that majority of the readers leave the blog reading only the first few lines. Some even do not bother to read a few lines, just enter and exit. This becomes highly depressing for the blogger. 

      These visitors who click your link and immediately leave your site make the ‘bounce rate’ very high. Consequently, the ‘search engine’ thinks your blog is not relevant to a subject and degrades ranking. Contrary, if the visitors stay on your site for longer time, it’s very positive in terms of SEO.

      The problem is that how to make the visitors the visitors stay longer time in your site and return again and again. 

      The problem may be solved by making some little changes and including a few things in your post. 
      (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

      1) Write An Impressive Title That Your Visitors Cannot Discard :

      The first line that your the eyes of your visitors come in contact with your article is the Title or Header. The best titles always influence the regular readers to interact with your blog. A great title can dramatically change the way the visitors will look your blog and make your ranking very satisfactory in SEO. 

      Now how to write an impressive title :

      Get outstanding help to create your exclusive & unique title

      2) Unique And Elegant Blog Design :

      Creating an unique and elegant design is highly effective to draw a lot of daily traffic. It creates a permanent impression in the minds of the viewers about your Website. The first impression must be good and lasting. A lot may be said about how to create an unique design for your blog. It includes from adding essential ‘widgets’ to choosing a SEO friendly ‘template’ and many more. You may have a look at the following articles for your benefit. 

      Read : Top Recent Post Widgets For Your Blog

                        Best Free WordPress Premium Templates For You 

                        9 Ways To Choose The Ideal Bloggers Platform That Keep You Growing

      3) Add Images, Graphics & Illustrations To        Your Blog : 

      One image is equal to 1000 words. So, adding the right image for your blog is very important. If you have plan to make money with ‘Adsense’ the image must be copyright free. 

      You can get a lot of copyright free images from various sites. Please go to the link below to take advantage. 

      If you have a knack in drawing graphics with the help of MS Paint and take superb images, then you must take advantage of your inherent talent. 

      You can also allow others to use your graphics/images in their blogs but with the condition that they must link back the images to your site. A notice in this regard may be given below the images. In this way you can make others visit your site a number of times.

      Read : Read These 9 Tips About 10 Top Websites For Copyright Free        Photos For Your Blog To Double Your Business

             Image Optimization Factors

      4) Niche :

      If you have already started writing blogs with the aim of generating some side income then, selecting the right niche/subject is a crucial factor. As all models of the same brand never become ‘hot cake’ similarly, all niche or topic can never earn the same amount of popularity. You can get some brilliant niche ideas here :

      • Small Business Brief
      • Site Pronews 
      • The Ultimate 5 Profitable Niche

      5) Adding Social Site Icons :

      Since social sites have taken a more or little place in everyone’s life these days, adding popular ‘social sites’ links play a deciding factor as far as your blog is concerned. 

      The importance of ‘social sites’ may be imagined from the number of users they have. FaceBook has at present over 1 billion active users while Twitter has more than 270 million. Google plus and Linkedin are not far behind with each having more than 300 million users. 

      Register yourself with these sites and get connected with active users. You will surely get a boost to your traffic. 

        Read : How to add social site icons to your blog 

        6) Name Of Your Blog/Website :

        When registering for a blog or custom domain, always try to it simple, shortest and easily memorable. Think of ‘Facebook’ ‘Twitter’ ‘Google’ consisting of a single or maximum two words. Try your power of imagination to discover an awesome. 

        Read : Seven awesome domain name generators for your awesome blog

        7) Participate And Share Views In Powerful Social Sharing Sites :

        You can get a lot of visitors from Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Tumblr and there is every possibility that many of these visitors will like your blog and may visit your website frequently. Among these ‘social sharing sites’ ‘Reddit‘ alone receives 2 billion views monthly. 

        You can get a ‘List of Top Social Networking Sites’ from Wikipedia here 


        Master The Art Of 15 Great Places You Can Learn About To Make Money From Writing With These 8 Tips

        Blogging is one of the best effective ways of expressing your views or opinion and communicating with the people. With the advent of internet, smart phones and i-phones nobody is far from you. When people start reading your blogs and liking them, you become a well known personality and also earn money. The best part of writing blogs is that it may become a full time work for you and may reward you handsomely.

        Writing is not all, writing must be effective and eye catching. Apart from this, you need a popular platform to publish your writing. In the beginning you may not have sufficient knowledge and experience to impress people with your writing but you may be sure to get it as time goes on and you continue with your effort of writing something excellent. Below are described 20 sites that pay you for articles/ reviews on various subjects. You may contact any or some of them.

        (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); #1) Hub Pages : Hub Pages require you to write useful and interesting topics on health, relationship, entertainment, fashion & beauty, games & toys, education & technology and many more. Once your writings are published, ads from Adsense, Hub Pages Ad programme start running on your posts. Based on the number of views and ad clicks the blogger starts earning. Minimum amount to request for a ‘cash out’ is  $50 for Hub Pages & $100 for Adsense. 


        #2) Squidoo : Squidoo is another platform where you can publish your articles typically called lenses through their website and share them. When a lens is posted by you, ads of similar types and also on products sold via their affiliate programme such as Amazon, eBay start appearing around your writing. Whatever squidoo earns from your lenses 50 percent is payable to you via Paypal. 

        #3) Helium : The good thing about Helium is that you choose your topic of writing and also write for their clients under their assignments. You earn when your articles are sold to publishers of websites A lot of manufacturers also need articles for the products they sell. One can also earn through their Ad sharing programme which is paid out based on the volume of traffic your articles bring to them. The minimum amount of cash out is $25. 

        #4) Yahoo Contributor Network : Yahoo contributor network need articles on a regular basis on variety of  topics. Daily assignments may be observed in their website after sign up and the payments range from $2 to $25. One can also make articles based on one’s own choice and the payment ranges from $2 to $15. The articles are published in various websites of Yahoo such as news, sports, voices, mail and the payments are made through a well known payment processor Pay Pal. 


        #5) : a great place always look for freelance writers who are capable of producing mind boggling and eye catching articles and can convey reliable information to their users. Those freelancers who can make long lasting impressions on the readers through their articles are always welcomed by them. Getting a licence to write for them is not quite easy also as you have to go through a two part orientation & evaluation programme where quality and standard of your writings are judged before being accepted by them. Payments are made once a month and for the amount please contact their website.
        #6) Content Row : The terms & conditions of ‘Content Row’ states that the buyer of your article can use his own name on the article instead of yours i.e. you will have no ‘copyright’ issue against anybody. You are free to write on any topic that are of interest to you and you earn 50 percent of the sale proceeds. To be eligible for writing in their site, you are required to send 3 sample writings to them.


        #7) Fiverr : Fiverr is a place where writing covers a lot of topics from video script to stories, fashion, company brand and many more. You are to sell your article for a fixed price of $5. When someone buys your article, the payment is made to Fiverr. You will get $4 through Paypal. 


        #8) Article Teller : This place gets a number of visitors who look for quality contents and if you have a skill for writing commendable articles, you are sure to click. Here, you earn stars based on the quality of your posts and the more stars you get the higher is your rank. Here, the buyer usually pays you based on the number of words you used in your article. You are allowed to keep 81 percent of the sale proceeds which may be withdrawn through Paypal. 


        #9) Sponsored Reviews : Sponsored Review is a place that lets you write articles or post advertiser provided content in exchange of cash. Thousands of advertisers from different industries search for well drafted posts. A sponsored post is an article you are paid to write and/or post for an advertiser. You will be required to write articles as per requests of the advertisers relating to his/her industries. Once you have signed up advertisers will visit your blog and ask for advertising space in your blog if they are interested. 


        #10) Xomba : Once your articles are published in Xomba they will place Adsense Ads in your article. They need articles on various subjects like – science, history, news, politics, fashion, life style and many more. Payment here is 40% : 60% between you and Xomba and minimum earning to be withdrawn with Adsense is $100.


        #11) Talent Studio : After sign up Talent Studio assign you writing jobs on different topics they need for their clients. Your subjects of writings depend on your area of interest which you mention at the time of your sign up. You can earn anywhere between $15 to $30 when your articles are online.  
        #12) ContentBLVD : ContentBLVD acts as a platform between blog owners and writers. Here also after sign up you can start writing on topics as assigned to you by ContentBLVD. You are paid anywhere between $12 to $48 when your article is selected for publication. For payment options, contact please their website. 
        #13) Digital Journal : Digital Journal is regarded as a pioneer in social news blending professional content with high quality contributions by its users about how the world is today. It has millions of visitors from all over the world. Digital Journal is rather a social platform where you can discuss, take part in debates, join groups or create your own groups. You can socialise and make yourself prominent by creating blogs and interacting with the readers. The more popular you become the more demand you create for your posts.  
        Digital Journal shares its ad revenues with all of its journalists based on the volume of their contributions and how much attention they draw. They also offer incentives and extra bonuses. You must have a verified Pay Pal to be eligible to get payment from them. You need to submit a sample writing before being included in their list of  writers/journalists.
        #14) Constant Content : This website connect buyers with writers and understands the needs of their clients. They have a long list of highly qualified professional writers to write for their clients. All articles are subjected to Copyscape an anti plagiarism software to ensure originality. Constant Content enables you to sell your posts to multiple clients. 

        As you go on writing for them with devotion, you become a member of their Writers Pool and become eligible for exclusive projects for clients. Constant Content allows you to cash out 65 percent of the sale proceeds through a verified Pay Pal account. 


        #15) Wizzley : Apart from Adsense, here you can earn a commission by showing Amazon ads in your posts also. You may earn by selling photos from All Posters and in case of a sale you earn your percentage. When writing for them you must be cautious that your articles contain no illegal or immoral content, copyright violation, copied content. Your articles must be of at least 400 words and must not contain grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. So, why wait? Go to their website, sign up and start earning.  



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        15+ Real & Amazing ways to make money – Apply these 5 secrets

        Best savings account in Dubai provide you many benefits

        This question on best savings account crosses every single resident or non-resident or expatriate resident’s mind. And it is not unwise to think about a saving account in a place where you barely know a person. And still, even if you do you should still open a saving account for your and your family’s sake. Why you may ask? Well, the list benefits and the range of options different Dubai leading banks offer for saving account is enormous. Be it, a saving account without minimum balance, saving account online opening, and have you heard of 0 balance saving account opening? Well you will, come across on your research over the big old internet. It may sound surprising to most of you that a zero or 0 balance saving account opening is possible. Though it has different requirement and specific eligibility criteria to keep it as clean as possible, but the fact that is exist is quite impressive where banking has now arrived where it can afford to open a saving account with no balance in it.
        Best savings account is a factor that should be considered by people in the world we are living today. You may have heard about how the money never stays in one hand, and it should not to be honest. If your money stays with you for a long time it may inflate, the money should keep circulating. So now the bottom line is that if you are willing to keep the money why not keep it in an account where it can be invested into different projects and you can have a certain profit over the kept money. I have seen many people who have a massive bank account, and they earn an amount every month which is enough for them to on for three month. This means every month they can save up money for two months. They do, keep it in the banks and not cash it out for unwanted extravagant spending. However what if I tell you they are doing it wrong? You would snap at me, wouldn’t you? I mean it makes sense to snap at me, since I am telling you a person earning this better is doing something wrong. But hear me out. Instead he let his money stay in his current account, what he can do is to start small in saving account. I mean, at least put one third of his salary in best savings account every month. This will not only keep his money saved but also make him get a good enough profit every month or annually – depending on the package.
        Purpose to have savings account in Dubai
        The main purpose of me advocating this concept of saving account is because even if it is not good enough, I know the profit margin is not that high most of the times, but it is still better than no profit at all. Yes, stay with me I am going to create sense out of opening saving account. On one hand there is a market which is waiting to explored, a business to flourish, a life to be lived, a job to be done, money to be earned and time to go through it all. You see, a good businessman is who knows how to double the money he already has. Now, you will argue you know how to make it double so you just work hard all the time and earn enough to survive a better living standard and stuff. But, all you need to instead is look closely around yourself. You have trillions of options, and some options are as simple as slicing a cake. Mutual funds, saving account, bonds, and investing in gold. The first one and last might won’t work that simply and require a little more thing over. However, the two in the middle are no brainers. I mean best savings account will just keep you bank balance a float, and the patient you are the profitable you get. You may search more about saving account and how saving account works in different countries and if you are willing to open one saving account for your Dubai’s well earning salary then you might want to search for saving account Dubai or better visit Mashreq Bank.

        How saving accounts are different from other genres?

        This inquiry on savings account crosses each and every inhabitant or non-occupant or ostracize inhabitant’s psyche. Furthermore, it isn’t incautious to consider a sparing account in a place where you scarcely know a man. What’s more, still, regardless of whether you do you should, in any case, open a sparing account for your and your family’s purpose. All things considered, the rundown benefits and the scope of alternatives distinctive banks offer for sparing account is colossal. Be it, a sparing account without least adjust, sparing account web-based opening, and have you known about 0 adjust sparing account opening? Well, you will, go over on your examination over the enormous old web. It might sound amazing to the greater part of you that a zero or 0 adjust account opening is conceivable.

        The concept of zero balance saving account –

        In spite of the fact that it has diverse prerequisite and particular qualification criteria to keep it as perfect as could be allowed, however the way that exists is very great where managing an account has now arrived where it can bear to open a sparing account with no adjustment in it. So now most importantly in the event that you will keep the cash for what reason not keep it in an account where it can be put into various undertakings and you can have a specific benefit over the kept cash.
        I have seen numerous individuals who have a gigantic financial balance, and they gain a sum each month which is sufficient for them to on for three months. This implies each month they can set aside cash for two months. They do, keep it in the banks and not money it out for undesirable indulgent spending. However, imagine a scenario in which I disclose to you they are treating it terribly. You would snap at me, wouldn’t you? I mean it bodes well to snap at me since I am disclosing to you a man gaining this better is accomplishing something incorrectly.

        What are the major areas for investment? –

        The main purpose of me advocating this concept is because even if it is not good enough, I know the profit margin is not that high most of the times, but it is still better than no profit at all. Yes, stay with me I am going to create sense out of opening saving account. On one hand, there is a market which is waiting to explore, a business to flourish, a life to be lived, a job to be done, money to be earned and time to go through it all. You see, a good businessman is who knows how to double the money he already has. Now, you will argue you know how to make it double so you just work hard all the time and earn enough to survive a better living standard and stuff. But, all you need to instead is look closely around yourself. You have trillions of options, and some options are as simple as slicing a cake such as
        1.       Mutual funds projects
        2.       Saving account options  
        3.       Bond schemes
        4.       Gold investment
        5.       Online trading

        Unique saving’s options through Mashreq Bank –

        The first and last may won’t work that essentially and require somewhat more thing over. In any case, the two in the center are no-brainers. I mean savings account will simply keep you bank adjust a buoy, and the patience you are the gainful you get. You may look more about types of accounts and how savings account functions in various nations. On the off chance that you will open one such an account for your Dubai’s well winning pay then you should need to scan for sparing account Dubai or better visit sparing account Dubai Mashreq Bank. Mashreq bank offers a superior month loan cost which may be suitable for you. For the time being, continue searching for best accounts details in UAE. It can be the simplest method to make a benefit from your well-deserved cash. Here’s a glance at why it is superior to most? It is the oldest bank working from last three decades. Also, it’s digitalized services are the perfect one for all. 

        Sharia compliant account being provided by Top banks in Dubai with interest free system

        Banking sector of Dubai is very diverse because Dubai is participating as a mini world in the global market. All of the trading sectors of Dubai not even Dubai but all of the other countries are somehow linked with best banks in Dubai in some way or other. You all know that we cannot survive in this era without taking the services of banks and if we talk about particularly Dubai then we always need help to manage our financial matters by taking the services of banks in Dubai. Due to growing economy and fast banking system in UAE, top banks in Dubai through sharia compliant account are working professionally and gets the maximum benefits and in return also the investors from all over the world gets benefits in return through banking services provided by best banks in Dubai. It had started from 1960 when UAE has been making its developmental and distinguish image and position as a strong Banking country on the globe. Investors and big traders were very much curious in the developing projects that were started in huge numbers. The interest of tourists in the lifestyle of Dubai has raised the interest of investors in the investment banking sector that has initiated through sharia compliant account. Investment banks in Dubai has made UAE a powerhouse of Economy and banking through the continuous struggle done by best banks in Dubai. When we talk about the banking sector of Dubai particularly we cannot neglect the investment banks of Dubai. The answer to why investment banks in Dubai are successful is simple as investor and big traders are only interesting in investment projects. The potential in Business and tourism makes Dubai a very distinguish place and this also boost up the banking services of best banks in Dubai and it is also one of the reason of growing economy of Dubai. Right now due to sharia compliant account, it has become a trade bridge between Asia and Europe. All of the trade is going on through Dubai free port and this is the beauty of Dubai that enrich its importance in the world. Top banks in Dubai particular investment banks provide wealth management services to their clients or customers with maximum possible investment solutions. When we see there is no large taxes on the imports and exports then all we think best banks in Dubai as a safe haven for business dealing with products and goods such as clothing, industry equipment and many other technical machinery. If a business is not offering services regarding imports and exports then for sure it would provide services in the form of tourism and expats. But if we see the condition of Dubai, it caters the both and that’s the main reason of its splendid development and growing economy that is increasing day by day. Top banks in Dubai through sharia compliant account especially the investment banks in Dubai are in a good position to handle the both above mentioned services.

        There are also many opportunities for high net worth individuals and private multinational organizations to become an investment partner with the best banks in Dubai as they are also target the international stock market. The individual can start a partnership with top Banks in Dubai with as little as 5000 USDs as a shareholder. With online banking services, banks in Dubai provide overseas services also. Most of the banks in Dubai are now in a wonderland in term of making profits and gathering clients. As we have discussed earlier in a comprehensive way about the sharia compliant account and particularly about investment banks of Dubai. Now I will give you information about the most reliable and credible banks among top banks in Dubai. Yes for sure I am talking about Mashreq bank, a private banks in the mid of the city. Mashreq Gold Bank is considered the safest bank among top banks in Dubai and this is also the main important feature of this bank. No one can excess any secret detail about the privacy of a clients. Along with investment banks in Dubai, Mashreq banks offers Islamic Banking services in the form of sharia compliant account, commercial banking services and wealth management banking services.

        Medical Insurance is must for all people live in Dubai

        Medical insurance is an important segment that should be consider at individual level because it is directly related to your health matters. Almost in all developed nations or states medical insurance is necessary and a requirement if you want to do a job or you are engaged in some business activity. People are very well aware about the medical insurance policies offered by different insurance companies and they avail these services for the unexpected happenings. Medical insurance in Dubai is must before you are going to join a company. For foreigners the certificate is compulsory before going to apply for visa in Dubai embassy everywhere in the world. Now the big investors are very much interested in insurance sector running in Dubai and many private insurance companies are providing services regarding insurance as well as other.  Suppose you are an expat and live in Dubai for job purposes and if you have a proper medical certificate all the expenses will be managed by your company if in case you have any medical problem and that’s why developed nations like UAE provide facilities to their people. Everyone knows the almost half of the population of Dubai comprised on foreigners so their medical insurance is a big area to deal. Now we will analyze how insurance companies in Dubai provide medical facilities and what are their requirements along with their medical packages.

        Due to fast growing economy of UAE, people from all over the world come to Dubai for a better living and in this way a lot of skillful workers are available in Dubai state who work under different projects. So for every company that is involved in a project is bound to provide medical insurance for their employees otherwise it would be considered illegal; and the person who is working without medical insurance will be deported. So big corporations under strict law never made such a mistake and before time arranged the required documents along with medical insurance of their employees. For this purpose they seek help from top insurance companies working specifically in insurance sector and have best services in that area. There are number of insurance companies working in Dubai and all are providing policy along with life or car insurance. Best insurance companies have their own websites and these online portals at first gave you the basic and formal information about the medical insurance policies. For this purpose there are made different portals and each one is specific for particular policy. Let’s suppose you want to avail the medical insurance policy just click at the insurance policies and there will open a bar that show you different insurance policies. Choose medical insurance from them and open the portal. Now you are at your place and now read the information about all these offers. There would be certain terms and condition read all carefully to understand the strategy plan. After having basic guidance from the website go to the contacts details and now you can approach your desired insurance company purely for medical insurance purpose.

        After a thorough research it is find out that other than best insurance companies there are top Dubai banks that provide insurance policies and among all Mashreq bank is best in providing medical insurance services.  It is an oldest bank in Dubai and is working very efficiently from last two decades. It is also important to know that why Mashreq bank is best from other banks working in Dubai? The reason is that big investors are engaged with this bank and they invest large amount every year. The investment is like an oxygen for banking sector. All they need is investment from different traders so that they could run maximum investment policies to generate revenue. Du to best professional minds Mashreq bank is going at top from all other banks. These experts are managed the whole system through different and perfect services for their clients and their clients only rely on them. So in financial matters what you need is only an expert opinion who is the master of this area and his/her advice is very valuable when you are going to deal with a bank for insurance purposes. For best services and packages Mashreq bank is most suitable option for this purpose. 

        Top 10 Lessons About Finest Tips On Way To Success In Forex Market To Learn Before You Hit 30

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        tips for success in forex market
        Tips for Success in Forex Market


        When one starts earning money in forex market, it becomes very interesting and trading continues right into the night. However, over confidence may put you a fatal situation in no time and limitations must be observed.

        The market may become unstable at any moment with the happening of a terror attack or outbreak of war strong enough to send shock waves all over the world. When major economies of the world come under its impact simultaneously all on a sudden, you may suffer a terrible financial loss if you have not adopted a ‘quit order’ to protect yourself against irreparable losses.

        If you are a newcomer in this profession and have just set your foot in the market you must first cultivate self discipline before actually taking part in trading. A brand new profession always appears to be very interesting and appealing in the initial stages but one must be fully aware of the system first and think of the consequences.

        (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Foreign exchange market is a passion for the experienced and seasoned traders but not for the beginners. Forex market may prove to be an excellent way of investment and earning once you understand its dangers as well. The power of self evaluation is a great feature. You will certainly be able to control your losses and optimize your gains once you are able to evaluate the mistakes committed by you in the past. This successful evaluation will make the beginners more confident day after day.

        Picking the right forex broker is not an easy task. When you have just ventured into the market the role of a forex brokers is of immense importance. A broker not only helps you trade effectively and profitably but will also help you about current news of the market and tips. Judge the features of the broker thoroughly before choosing one. Go for a broker that has vast experience, uses latest softwares, makes quick down payments and withdrawals also, sincere in customer care and reduced spreads also.

        A dishonest broker may deprive you of the gain you make in the market and high spreads can make it impossible for you to make any profit in the market.

        Read : Forex Broker Essentials

        Follow the proverb “Do Not Place All Your Eggs In One Basket” — start trading in this volatile market with minimum amount of cash that you can afford to lose and losing that much money doesn’t jeopardize your existence. Be known for sure forex market is a highly speculative and risky affair also. Try to avoid trading with borrowed funds in the beginning.

        Trading in forex market may be an lucrative source of earning some extra cash but only when one is full but only when understands the techniques and features of this market.

        Read : Techniques & Features of Forex Trading

        Your strategy is your main tool to become successful in the market. Strategy varies from trader to trader. A strategy that works excellent for someone may not work at all for somebody else. So, it’s always better not to just copy another trader. Build your own strategy yourself with knowledge, training, expert opinion from reputed professionals.

        Read : Forex Strategies

        Money management is an essential factor while chalking your strategy. Never run after a lot of trades with greed, try to select only a few that ensure maximum profit with minimum risks. If entire fund is invested in a single trade, you may suffer a major loss in case anything goes wrong and you have to close the trade.

        How To Make Money In Forex Trading




        How To Make Money In Forex Trading
        Forex is the abbreviation of ‘foreign exchange’ and is typically used to describe trading in foreign currencies of various countries by traders and investors. Trading in forex means buying one currency against sale of another. Imagine a situation where US Dollar is likely to weaken against Pound Sterling. 

        Now, suppose a trader sells $1000 and buys Pound Sterling at an exchange rate applicable at that time. In the mean time, Pound Sterling strengthens against Dollar. Now the trader who bought Pound Sterling has the power to buy more dollars with his/her Pounds and thus earns a profit. 

        There is a similarity in the ‘functioning and objectives’ of a trader/investor in forex and a trader in stock. A trader in stock market buys a stock price of which is likely to rise in future and sells a stock, price of which is likely to fall. In the same way, a trader in forex buys a currency pair whose exchange rate is likely to rise and sells a currency pair whose exchange rate is likely to fall in future.

        Forex may be described as the largest and most liquid market in the world where billions of transactions take place daily. Unlike stock market forex market is decentralized and functions daily 24 hours a day all over the world. With this feature everybody has the opportunity to make money any time of the day. 

        Any currency bought and sold is done only in an electronic form in an inter bank market. Millions of transactions take place based on the speculative anticipations of millions of traders and investors about the exchange rate of one currency in relation to another currency in future.

        International forex investing is a highly speculative affair. It is such a vast market where millions and millions of dollars change hands daily based on the speculative assumptions of innumerable number of traders and investors. Forex market is basically a speculative game between ‘bulls’ and ‘bears’. 

        (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
        Forex market is the place where currencies of various countries of the world are exchanged. In the beginning one may not have a very clear concept about which currencies to trade in. So, below is given a list of some major and popular currency pairs to trade in :-

        #1) EUR/USD : Euro & US Dollar

        #2) USD/JPY : US Dollar & Jap Yen

        #3) GBP/USD : Great Britain Pound & US Dollar

        #4) USD/CHF : US Dollar & Swiss Franc

        #5) AUD/USD : Australian Dollar & US Dollar

        #6) USD/CAD : US Dollar & Canadian Dollar

        In the above example, the first currency is called the ‘Base’ whereas the second one is called ‘Cross’. The value of the ‘Base’ currency is always taken as 1(one). For example, if the exchange rate between EUR/USD is 1.12 today, it means 1 EURO = $ 1.12. The value of the Base currency controls the direction of the trade and the chart. This means, if this rate of 1.12 goes up the EURO is strengthening against Dollar. On the contrary, if this rate goes down it means USD is strengthening against EURO. 

        The aim of a forex trader/investor is to sell the ‘Base’ currency in exchange of another ‘Cross’ currency in anticipation that the exchange rate of the cross currency is most likely to appreciate in near future. When the appreciation actually takes place, the trader converts the currency he had earlier obtained, back to the ‘Base’ currency and makes a profit.

        Suppose, JPY/USD exchange rate today is $ 1.00 = Jap Yen 113.82. Suppose, a trader anticipated a rise in the exchange rate in near future and sold Jap Yen 1,000,000. The trader got $8785.80. Now, suppose the exchange rate has risen to $ 1.00 = Jap Yen 117. Now, the trader will get Jap Yen 1,027,938.60 (8785.80 X 117) against a sale of $ 8785.80. Thus, the trader makes a profit. The opposite may happen also. If the exchange rate goes does the trader incurs a loss.

        The feature of high liquidity and accessibility attracts an innumerable number of trader and investors in the forex market and more and more people are growing interest in it. There are a lot of traders who became millionaires in this field, gave up their daily jobs and became professional forex experts and traders. Like any other business and the stock market, the traders in forex market also run the risk of  suffering huge losses because of lack of knowledge and experience.

        Its is true many traders make sizeable gains in the forex market but at the same time it’s a fact that many people fell victims to incredible losses too. You have to undergo training and seek guidance from experienced and professional brokers before you actually start doing it independently and confidently.

        A forex trading course not only empowers one with rules & regulations and skills but provides one with inner knowledge of how to become a successful trader. Nowadays, a free ‘demo account’ is available with almost all broking firms and it’s very helpful. You may have a first hand experience market from a free ‘demo account’. Read more

        Be known for sure, an auto robot or some e-books cannot make you an expert in this trade. These things lure inexperienced traders by baseless and unfounded claims of almost 100 percent success in each and every trade. These people make profit when the beginners buy their products online believing in their false claims wasting heard earned money.

        What one needs most to become an experienced and successful trader is a ‘Forex Trading Course’ provided by expert and reliable professionals in this line. All these courses are easily available online and may be applied for by anybody. Before approaching for any specific course, talk to them and judge their competence and consider the number of years they are engaged in this profession.

        One of the most popular advantage to trade in the forex market is with the help of ‘Leverage’. This advantage enables the traders to trade 40 or 50 or even 100 times of the amount he/she has deposited in his/her account. With the help of  leverage one can really enjoy attractive opportunity to make money with small investments. The advantage has its risks too. This is a borrowed fund, so never utilise this until and unless you are 100 percent sure of a trade.

        It is advisable to start trading in this market with minimum amount of money at first that you can afford to lose and losing that much money doesn’t make any difference to your future security. If your financial status is not as solid as it should be to trade in this market and if losing any money may cause a havoc to your future safety, then make sure to keep away from this highly ‘Volatile Market’. 

        Do not attempt to start investing in forex market with the help of borrowed funds from friends and relativesMay God forbid, if your borrowed money is lost the situation may turn out to be alarming. The key to making a footprint in this market is a reliable strategy and sticking to it. Human emotions like greed, revenge, fear must not win over you. Never trade when you are not sure about the market’s trend and moves on a specific day. Better watch & wait to trade in forex market.

        How To Add A XML Sitemap Of Your Blog To Webmaster Tools

        (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i[‘GoogleAnalyticsObject’]=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,’script’,’’,’ga’); ga(‘create’, ‘UA-72524586-3’, ‘auto’); ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);


        A XML sitemap enables the search engine bot to find all the posts/pages of the blog and index it quickly and efficiently. In the absence of a XML sitemap one is bound to lose the opportunity of his/her contents being properly indexed and find a place in the search engine.

        A sitemap supplies valuable information to the Google search engine about the contents of a website and the relevancy of all its pages. Metadata contains information about a specific webpage and any search engine needs this data for proper indexing.

        So, it may be well said that a regular updated sitemap is absolutely essential to get regular traffic from the search engines.


        (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Write your own XML sitemap

        Writing your own sitemap is easy. If you add ‘sitemap.xml’ at the end of the blog homepage URL it becomes your XML sitemap. For example, the sitemap of my website is  ‘’. Similarly, XML sitemap of all the pages will be ‘’. 

        How To Add A Property To Webmaster Tools

        Before submitting a sitemap you must add your blog/website(Property) to the Webmaster Tools. 

        #1) Sign in the Webmaster Tools with your Google ID and PW
        #2) Click ADD A PROPERTY at the top right corner
        #3) In the small box that opens write the url of your blog/website beginning with ‘https://www.’ and click ‘Add’
        #4) Now in the next page select ‘HTML tag’

        #5) Now a code as shown below appears :
        <meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”f8Sr-dwMm7GLKxI1bgnGqMT-BXo5M9VM5JP4R156JXk” />

        #6) Now go to the blogger and click ‘Template’ against the blog which you are adding.  Click ‘Edit HTML’  The page that opens find <head> tag therein.  Now just copy the ‘specific code’ from the Google Webmaster Tools page and paste it under the <head> tag of your blog.
        #7) Click ‘Save Template’ at the top
        #8) Now coming back to the Webmaster Tools page click ‘VERIFY’ at the bottom and it’s done.

        How To Add A XML Sitemap

        #1) Sign in here to Google Webmaster Tools
        #2) Click ‘ADD/TEST SITEMAP’ at the top right
        #3) Now the small box that opens just write ‘sitemap.xml’ as shown above
        #4) Click submit and then click ‘refresh the page’  and you are done.

        Sitemap For More Than 25 Posts

        Remember the above mentioned ‘sitemap’ mention under ‘Write Your Own XML Sitemap’ will tell the web crawler about recent 25 posts. If your number of posts crosses 25 then your sitemap should look like this : .  This sitemap will work for first 500 posts.

        How To Get Adsense Approval For Your Blog On Very 1st Attempt


        True, there are many ad network sites but needless to say that Google’s Adsense is the best among all of them. If you have been unsuccessful in your previous attempts to get Adsense approval, you need not be depressed at all. Because there are thousands like you who failed miserably to get Adsense approval.

        Although, it is not impossible to get Adsense approval but it is really tough. Statistics prove that of all the applications made on a daily basis, less than 1 percent are lucky enough to get this. So, one can get a simple idea how tough is the job.

        (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Adsense has some basic ‘Programme Policies’ which all applicants must follow. If one follows these Policies accurately it may be told that there is a fair chance of getting the approval though there is no gurantee.  

        If you have a plan to apply to Adsense with you blog for approval, you must carefully go through the ‘beginner’s guide’  and take note of the following points very carefully.

        So, before applying you must make sure whether your blog fulfils the entire guidelines accurately. The important criteria are mentioned below :

        Posts/Articles :

        One major reason Adsence shows while rejecting a blogger’s application is ‘insufficient content’. This means your blog lacks information on the subject of posts. When a viewer visits your blog/website he/she may seek any information on the subject of your blog.

        Adsense wants your blog must be fully informative so that the viewers never get dissatisfied. If the viewers are not impressed at the first sight then you are bound to lose a very large amount of traffic.

        So, to avoid get rejected your blog must contain at least 35 to 40 quality posts. Each post should be at least of 400 to 500 words and include at least 2 articles of 1500/2000 words. Try to provide as much accurate information on the subject as you can so that your articles/posts are liked by the Adsense team.

        The posts should be free of silly grammatical and spelling mistakes disliked by Adsense. So, make sure your blog posts are grammatically correct, extremely rich and really praiseworthy.

        The posts must be original and unique and must not be copied from others. One will get rejected by Adsense immediately if it appears that the posts are copied from someone else.

        The posts/articles must contain  related images which must be free of copyright. There are many websites such as ‘flickr’ that offer free images for bloggers. The images not only make your posts attractive but also liked by the viewers.

        The layout of each post should be very attractive i.e. it must contain subject wise paragraph. You must use bold, italic, underline, bullet list and numbered list as the need may be. A good layout may enhance the quality of the posts extremely.

        The color of the letters of the posts should be black only and no other color though the link may be of other color such as blue and a different hover color.

        Never leave a long blank area at the end of any post because Adsense doesn’t like a blank white space.

        Niches :

        Blog/websites with violence, illegal subject, pornography are rejected by Adsense team forthwith. Any website that spreads racism, hatred or supports violence against any nation, community, caste are prohibited. Blog on health, beauty, lifestyle, social media, technology, science, business, law, travel, entrepreneurship, finance including loan and mortgage, forex, stock market, earning  will get faster approval.

        Read : The Easiest Way To Stop Earning With Your Blog And Start Earning Massive

        Ad By Other Ad Network Sites :

        Generally, Adsense doesn’t like ads by other Ad Network Sites along with their ads. Although, in some cases a limited display of other ads is allowed occasionaly. So, keep away from ads like chitika, infolinks or yahoo at the time of applying for Adsense.

        Also keep your blog free of any affiliate banner such as amazon, clickbank, flipcart or fatgo at the time of going in for Adsense.

        Template/Design And Easy Navigation :

        This is another important area on which approval of Adsense greatly depends. Adsense always prefers a high degree of user experience. It means those visiting your blog/website can hover over all the posts and pages of your blog smoothly. A high degree of user experience also ensures a high volume of daily traffic. All the posts and pages of your blog should be interlinked with your ‘Home Page’ to achieve a high degree of smooth navigation by users that will pave the way of your easy Adsense approval.

        Although, it is true Adsense prefers its publishers to use a professional template and color design so that the ads attract the eyes of the visitors significantly but the free templates available with Blogger and WordPress at present are also of good quality. There are a lot of  publishers of  Adsense who got Adsense approval with these free templates. Of course, if you go in for a professional template spending a little it’s a better deal. 

        Best Free And Premium WordPress Theme  

        Add A Site Map :

        Google search engine bot continuously monitors and index all the websites 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. If you do not add a site map still your site will be indexed by the bot but it will take a lot of time. Adding a site map to your blog facilitates the bot to find your site quickly and index all the posts and pages of your site easily. Also add a XML Sitemap by clicking Add/Test Sitemap at the top right to Google Webmaster Tools.

        Read : How To Add A Sitemap To Your Blog
                   How To Add A XML Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools
        Add Google Analytics :

        Adsense wants you to constantly update your website and monitor the traffic. Therefore, registration with Google Analytics is an indication to them that you are constantly engaged with your site. This is bound to create a positive impression on them and you will be one step ahead in your way of obtaining their approval. 
        Get your site registered with Google Webmasters Tools by clicking ‘Add a Property’ appearing at the top right. Click here to get your site registered with Bing Webmaster Tools.

        Compulsory Pages :

        Adsense also wants you to add the following pages to your blog/website as a precondition before applying for their approval. These pages are :-

        • About us : In this page reveal your identity e.g., (i) Name, Address, and write something about the (ii) contents of your website. It is a very good practice to add your photo here.
        • Privacy policy : To create a ‘Privacy policy” visit here,  just give your site title, site url, email address and click ‘Generate Policy’. Copy the ‘Privacy policy’ so generated and paste it into your ‘Privacy policy page’.
        • Disclaimer : To generate a ‘Disclaimer page’ you can visit here or follow the style of drafting by visiting any website with a ‘Disclaimer’ page.
        • Terms of usage
        • Contact us : Your Tel/Mob number & Email address  

        Custom Domain Email ID :

        Many people get Adsense approval with free platforms like Blogger or WordPress. While allowing approval for a custom domain like .com .in. .net etc Adsense doesn’t like your email address in the style to appear in your website. 
        So, get a custom domain email address ([email protected]) before applying for Adsense with a custom domain.
        Minimum Period :

        Your blog or website should be at least 6 months old before you are eligible for applying to Adsense.


          9 ways About how to Choose The Ideal Blogger’s Platform that Keeps You growing

          blog platform
          blog platform

          If you are planning to start your first blog, then the most important decision is to choose the ideal and the most popular ‘blog platform’ with simple, easy to understand interface. The most common problem a beginner encounters is understanding the interface. 

          As far as this point is concerned, Blogger owned by Google may be considered to be the best with support/help at all levels. Apart from this, there are so many forums available that are always ready to help at every stage and describes in depth a lot of issues related to preparation of a blog in Blogger. 

          Whereas, preparation of a blog with is a bit tricky as it requires some technical knowledge. At the same time, it’s also a fact is rich with more than 1500 free themes and 20,000 free plugins. 

          (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Below are given 7 best Blogger’s platforms – all of them immensely popular :-   

          #1) Blogger : 


          With Blogger owned by Google you are allowed access to a number of free tools such as Webmaster Tools, Analytics and the most popular ever money making tool Adsense. Any blogger irrespective of professional or following a hobby can make money with Adsense subject to its programme & policies.
          No doubt, Blogger is the best and most popular platform.

          Advantages :  

          • Easiest to understand and use
          • Support and help by Blogger and other websites at all levels
          • Anyone can make money subject to Adsense Programme & Policies
          • Lots of free and easy to understand tools
          • FREE

          Disadvantages :

          • Bloggers is a sub domain and any site name you choose will come as
          • Number of themes/templates are limited 
          • If you go is for Adsense you cannot display ads of other networks subject to some exceptions
          #2) :


          This is another most popular and well known platform where you publish your blog for free. Its’s a great choice for mainly for bloggers’s who are pursuing their hobbies and not looking for making money. 

          Advantage :

          • This is a nice place if you plan to upgrade to a self hosted Word Press Blog in future
          • Lot of themes/ templates
          • Simple to use and easy to understand, no special technical knowledge is required
          • Free
          Disadvantages : 

          • Like Bloggers it’s also a sub domain and your site comes with
          • Limited tools and functionalities if not upgraded 
          • You almost have no control for advertising revenues and you are subject to suspension any time
          #3) : 


          A self hosted Word Press blog uses the Word Press software on a third party server. Not totally free and your need to pay $3 per month for hosting. You have control over your website and you are free to install plugins and edit HTML code. It’s ideal for professionals and business owners who can invest some in exchange of professional appearance. 

          Advantages :
          • Awesome with some 1500 free themes and 20,000 free plugins 
          • User friendly customization options 
          Disadvantages : 
          • Some technical knowledge is required for hosting
          • Not totally Free

            #4) Tumblr : 


            Tumblr is basically a social platform and therefore ideal for bloggers. This platform is right for you if you are planning to build a strong social and friend connections. 

            Advantages :
            • Rich in themes
            • Tools and easy options for customization
            • Free

            Disadvantages :

            • Limited monetize options
            • Plugins are limited

            #5) Weebly : 


            Weebly is a blog creating platform equipped with easy drag and drop features enabling you to create great blog pages and layouts easily.

            Advantages :

            • Easy customisable layouts
            • Great Themes
            • Easy drag and drop features

            Disadvantages :

            • Limited scopes to earn

            #6) Ghost :

            Ghost is a different place from other platforms. It is free if you download and install it yourself but you have to pay on the basis of traffic. You need some technical knowledge to create your blog here. If you cannot manage with Word Press it’s a great alternative to try.

            #7) TypePad : 


            This platform is not free and requires you to invest some money but it’s an excellent platform for professionals and brand builders. The community of TypePad is not as large as Blogger or Word Press but these days this platform is being liked by a lot of bloggers.

            Advantages :

            • Easy to use interface
            • Unlimited storage like Google’s Blogger

            Disadvantages :

            • It’s not free

            #8) LiveJournal : 


            LiveJournal is also a good platform and it has a great community base. You are encouraged to take part in discussion on a wide range of subjects as much as blogging. LiveJournal started its operations in 1999 and today it has become an immensely popular website and innumerable members.

            #9) Wix :


            Wix is highly suitable for businesses with special emphasis on ecommerce. You can make a stunning ecommerce business website easily with wix with its unlimited bandwidth, easy to use interface, drag and drop facility, designer made templates, excellent galleries, mobile optimization, SEO and 24 x 7 support.

            Advantages :

            • Easy to use
            • Ad integration
            • rich quality templates
            • Unlimited bandwidth
            • Maximum 20 GB storage
            Disadvantages :

            • Not free and expensive
            • Limited customization options

            Read more

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            How To Start A Business With Only 5 Profitable Niche Blog Topics That May Make You Millionaire
            The Easiest Way To Stop Earning With Your Blog And Start Earning Massive
            Master The Art Of 15 Great Places You Can Learn About To Make Money From Writing With These 8 Tips
            15+ Real & Amazing Ways To Make Money – Apply These 5 Secrets

            Gold Trading for Affluent households

            When we see the geographical structure of Dubai, it is somehow different from other Gulf countries. The importance of this state besides the oil reserves is its common point and place where trade between Asia and Europe is being taken out. It works as a bridge between two subcontinents and especially the needs of oil resources are also handled in an efficient manner by the local authorities. With all these specifications, Dubai now also has developed like a most desired place for visitors and tourists. From all over the world, high net worth individuals and affluent households come to Dubai along their families to spend vacation time. Here we will provide you first the strongest areas for business purposes. Following are the areas –
            1.       Banking sector of Dubai
                                            I.            Investment banks
                                          II.            Wealth management banks
                                        III.            Islamic banks
                                        IV.            Commercial banks
            2.       Market of natural resources (particularly the oil reserves)
            3.       Trade markets
                                            I.            Gold trading market
                                          II.            Forex trading market
                                        III.            Stock exchange market
                                        IV.            Cryptocurrency market
            There are many other areas where we can different options of investments to earn a handsome profit such as top insurance companies, infrastructure department, and airlines. But here we are only going to discuss some tips and points about the trading market of Dubai. Especially about gold trading opportunities in Dubai. Also we will give you a brief attachment of banking sector with this market. Due to number of profitable options trading in Dubai is a blessing for expatriates as they can invest easily in any project. All of the profit would be interest-free and there is no tax on any income earned in Dubai. This is the beauty and most attractive feature of the local system. And all because of the tax relaxation, affluent households from all over the world come and invest in projects running in Dubai. They have clear understanding which type of products is in demand in the local market. Also when and how to invest to reach out to these markets. If you are new in this business and want to invest in any project for the sole purpose to earn profit, we suggest you take the services from any bank of Dubai. Before going to approach any bank, just get some basic information about the gold trading market. It is one of the richest markets in the world. You have a lot of investment, mean to say a big investment otherwise do not even think about to indulge in it. It is not for medium-sized enterprises.
            Gold Trading through Digital banking in UAE

            Top banks of Dubai are working very efficiently for trading services particularly related to gold business. Due to their high standards and credible services, these are considered world’s best institutions. Also, every year government of Dubai hosts the region’s largest trade fairs. With the addition of digitalized system in the banking services, it has become quite smooth and secured to deal in all kinds of trading services. Through official sites of the banks, one can get all information about Dubai trading services and packages offered by different banks. Like stock trading, forex market continues to upgrade their industrial facilities and infrastructure, gold trading is also very crucial for earning high profits. These services are very much popular in Dubai in perspective of business. If we talk about the gold market, it is one of the richest markets. Almost all kinds of products are within reach of every person who has a capacity of buying.
            The most suitable bank for Gold Trading Business 

            From last three decades, banking sector in Dubai gave a tough time to rest of the banks working in the world. After comparing the benefits and profit share services, we summarize that Mashreq bank of Dubai is one of the best banks for all types of services. Particularly, gold-related business is carefully handled by the bank due to its relations with affluent households working in that area. The concept of digital banking in UAE is first adopted by Mashreq bank and this thing gave a big boom by securing a distinguish place among its competitors. You can read out the digital opportunities offered by this bank through its online portal. 

            Forex Trading – Checklist For Beginners

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            Forex Trading Tips

            Forex trading or ‘trading in foreign currency’ is the most traded market with an average of  trillions of
            dollars per day and the largest market place involving individual traders/investors, banks, governments and corporations. Forex trading may be defined as the system of converting one currency into another at an agreed rate of exchange over the counter. Currency values constantly  appreciate or depreciate in terms of one or another due to several economic and geopolitical factors. The forex traders speculate the way the value of a specific foreign currency is likely to take a turn against another currency in future. The aim of ‘forex traders is to make profit by actively speculating on which way the value of various foreign currencies are likely to take a turn in the future. In order to become a successful foreign exchange investor and to trade effectively in the forex market complete knowledge of every pros and cons of this subject is most important. All beginners in forex trading are definitely to benefit from the following helpful guidelines:

            (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

            • Training : A Foreign exchange training is the essential prerequisite to learn effective and profitable forex tradingForex market is not an easy one but risky too. Here one can earn a lot but at the same time suffer a huge loss also. Before venturing into the arena of forex trading, educate yourself properly by undergoing a reliable tutorial guidelines offered by well known ‘forex trading companies’. 
            • The training companies can really guide you through various ups and downs of forex market as they are trained professionals having vast knowledge in this segment. With the onset of internet, foreign exchange training courses  are easily accessible by all. Look for a good forex exchange tutorial that explains all necessary points in a comprehensive detail and can make you a true master of the game. 
            • A True Tutorial Course also makes you aware of the technological tool available and the international monetary scenario. The more you learn the more you are safe. Remember, knowledge pays. Just don’t jump into forex market. The tutorials/training will arm you with ‘first hand knowledge’ and instructions of ‘how to do it’ while being in the safe zone. 
            • A Demo Account : A demo account is very helpful for the novice. All forex training companies are equipped with the facility of providing the beginners with a demo account. Try your knowledge and calculation in a demo account first before actually beginning to trade.  
            • Strategy : The next important thing to learn about preparing your own strategy. A full proof investment strategy is the pillar of success and is the next most important thing to learn. There is always a strategy behind the success of every successful investors. The strategy differs from investor to investor. 
            • Make Your Own Strategy : You will have to prepare your  You will have to prepare your own sound strategy after gaining your training  and experience and no one is going to make it for you. Your strategy should be built on experience and knowledge and must not be copies from others. Remember a strategy working well for someone else may not work well for you. 
            • Forex Robot : One should not depend on the forex robot blindly. These robots are designed to earn money only for their developers and cannot work much for the people who buy them. In the absence of practical knowledge of using forex bot may lead to huge losses. Rely on your own sound decision and stick to your strategy. 

            (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

            • Stop Loss : Decide beforehand the extent of  loss you can afford to suffer against each and every transaction. This is known as ‘stop loss‘. A perfect ‘stop loss’ strategy helps an investor to protect his or her valuable investment against serious loss. Stop loss means setting a pre-designed target or price at which a buy or sell order is activated to avoid further loss. 
            • When the price of a currency appreciates or depreciates against the wishes as planned and reaches the pre designed target the ‘stop loss’ order is instantly activated and further loss is avoided. A stop loss order saves the trader from suffering huge losses in the face of sudden unexpected unfavourable development. 
            • A Profit Target : Implementing a pre-designed profit target in conjunction with a ‘stop loss’ order is the perfect strategy to trade in the forex market. A pre destined profit target order ensures optimum profit for the investor in every transaction. This prevents the investors from booking profit too early or incurring a loss, instead of profit, while waiting for more and more profit.   
            • Patience : Investment in forex market is a long term affair and therefore, patience is absolutely essential. Most successful operators always set target for a long term goal and remain indifferent to minor daily fluctuations in prices. While taking a decision emotion must be within control and greed must not take over conscience. 
            • You are most likely to lose a lot of money in the event of taking a hasty decision. Do not be afraid too early, just stick to your target and strategy. So possessing patience and the right mentality are crucial to fulfil the dream of success in this arena.
            • Keep Yourself Updated : Always try to keep yourself abreast of the latest developments and methods in the market. Having a well versed knowledge about the economic and political scenario of the world and as well as of your own country will always help you gain tremendously. One should also be aware of the latest rules and regulations for the traders. Rules and regulations may also vary among various countries and governments. There is no end to learning, the more you read the more you learn.
            • Useful Tips : Useful tips and guidance from successful operators in foreign exchange market may work well and better than forex bot. So always try to keep in touch with expert friendly traders, discuss with them the latest market trend and seek their advices.  

            Effective investing in foreign exchange should be a simple and easily understandable one, free from ambiguity. A lot of policies are bound to make a lot of confusions and it is desirable to follow an easy system than a complicated one. Always try to follow a simple and ‘easy to follow’ system which eliminates loss and makes a rich harvest. Also try to include a few essential rules to make healthy profits and a powerful financial investment administration system.

            Always be cautious of any break in the graph indicating a probable upward or downward trend of a specific currency, which might prove to be a real timing device to decide whether to enter a particular deal or not. Besides accurate timing is of utmost importance to become a successful trader. The strategy followed becomes 100 per cent fruitful and safe when it is fine tuned with perfect timing.

            Keeping in mind the above important factors, will not only save the beginners in forex trading, from suffering serious financial blow to their hard earned money but also make them most successful traders.

            Read more

            Don’t Waste Time 7 Facts About How To Get Rich With Forex Trading – Strategy

            How To Become Rich In The Forex Market

            Where To Find A Good Training In Forex

            Best Mortgage loan in Dubai is a most prominent aspect of banking sector

            With ever increasing business in Dubai and arrival of expats. Dubai has become one of the biggest hubs for the talented and ambitious people. This led to high apartment and accommodation rents. And with the currency inflations from last 20 years, the variable interest rates have also made it tough enough for expats as well as the residents. So, we take it upon ourselves to provide you with the best options for accommodations and Best mortgage loan in UAE. Have you ever thought to yourself what if you could afford a good home, a happy family, and good schools for the kids and nice restaurants to take your wife to on weekends to spend some quality time eat the best food in town? You don’t need to say it out loud, we understand the level of attachment to such stuff seems too personal to share. However, we confess. Everyone wishes for it, and nothing is even wrong with it. It is important to understand what goes around such stuff.  But the question is not what you can or cannot afford. But it is about how you can afford such peaceful life. And being Dubai, and maintaining the highlife is no joke either. Where people from outside look at Dubai for what its shiny nights, and party-hard attitude towards life. It is important to understand that those people have made some really good decisions, and this is the main reason they can enjoy and afford Dubai’s extravagant Lifestyle. The banks in Dubai offer best deals to people with personal or business needs. They offer on the mortgage in Dubai, be it commercial mortgage or home mortgage in Dubai. It has been key factor in the growth of Dubai’s GDP and Economy. Which is also because of the fact that laws regarding the mortgage in UAE has been very beneficial for customers. The mortgage in Dubai rates can be different than overall mortgage in UAE. That is because every bank offers their own mortgage deal and mortgage rates in Dubai.
            The simple answer to how one can afford a best mortgage loan in UAE is the lenient eligibility criteria offered by the banks. We took Mashreq Bank as our case study; the reason behind choosing Mashreq Mortgages as a case study is because of the fact that it is the pioneers of UAE and Dubai’s banking systems. Started in 20thcentury’s 60s, it is one of the oldest banks in Middle East. With a happy clientele and content customers. Mashreq bank has played a vital role in changing the shape of Dubai’s urban structure. Allowing Business mortgage in Dubai (also known as Commercial Mortgage in Dubai), it helped lots of start-ups become Business giants. And along with commercial mortgage in Dubai, Mashreq Bank also offers a range of Home Mortgage in Dubai. The eligibility criteria is basic. The applicant should have a good financial commitment history – no credit dues and bad credit to their names. The applicant should be employed (in a company of self-employed) and also the applicant should be earning a little higher than the minimum salary set by UAE Government. The list of dependent is subjective; since, it shows how many people (family members or close relatives) rely upon you, and will this Home mortgage in Dubai will prove to be good for them. There is one of the best offers that Mashreq bank provides is the spouse co-applicant criteria. Where your spouse’s income and financial commitment can be considered for your eligibility to take a mortgage in Dubai. Is this not the best thing you have ever heard? I mean I have, and I like how Banking has changed. Such criteria’s provided by the bank for best home finance in Dubai proved that Banking is not one evil corporation that only wants to suck you dry. But, rather a medium to help you achieve what you have dreamt of and make your life worth living. However, Mortgage in Dubai has changed that perception on banking in Dubai or everywhere else. Banks realized that the open you are to your customer, the better remarks and result will it produce. Mashreq bank Mortgage in Dubai plans sound just the same, they offer transparent transaction rules and provide every information that is required.

            Learn As Albert Einstein Cracked How To Increase Adsense CPC And CTR With These All Time Secret 10 Tricks

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            Increase Adsense CPC and CTR
            Adsense CPC and CTR for your blog

            Adsense is the most trustworthy ‘Ad Network’ place and is the first choice for professional bloggers as an attractive way of income. Although, is a great way of earning by putting ads on your website but a few things are very important to keep in mind – (1) CPC or Cost Per Click and (2) CTR or Click Through Rate. 

            If these two things are not suitably taken care of, Adsense will be of no use to you. Adsense puts ads on its approved publishers websites/blogs and shares the revenue with its publishers.  Publishers get 68% of the revenues from Adsense and the remaining 32% is retained by Adsense itself. The revenue is generated when some viewers click on the ads in your website put by Adsense. 

            A good CPC (Cost Per Click) rate along with a good CTR (Click Through Rate) can generate a very attractive income for you. Some think increasing CTR is enough to earn well from Adsense but the fact is that putting emphasis on both CPC and CTR have a must better effect. 

            What is CTR?

            CTR is the number of clicks the viewers click on the ads in your website per 100 impressions. This means if you get 5 clicks per 100 impressions then the CTR is 5%.

            A good CTR is capable of giving you a good earning from Adsense. If the CTR is abnormally high then the related websites may be disabled by Adsense suspecting foul play. 

            To remain in the safe zone i.e., not getting banned by Adsense it may be advised that a CTR rate of 2% to 5% is safe for professional bloggers who have large number of daily visitors to their websites. While a CTR between 0.5% to 1% may be termed as safe for newbies.

            Facts About CTR And How To Increase It

            A good CTR depends on a number of things and one must attempt to improve all of these aspects. To do these one may have to rearrange position of the ads, change its sizes or use a different template. Now let’s find the main pillars of a satisfactory CTR :-

            Placement of Ads

            A well placed ads can make a lot of difference than badly placed ads at the end of the article or at the footer. Opinions vary from blogger to blogger about this. Some say when those viewer who do not like your article and leave your website reading the first few lines, an ad placed at the bottom serves no purpose at all. Others argue that those viewers who like your post and read it till the end, there is a great probability that he/she will click an ad at the bottom it it is related to the subject. 

            However, there are a few positions/places in any page of a website, where posting an ad can arouse eagerness/interest among viewers to click on the ad. This logic is accepted by almost all bloggers. Now these positions are :-

            i) Right Top/Below or by the Side of the Header

            • The above mentioned places are the first where a visitor’s eyes get hooked when he/she enters your site. It has been observed that if the ad displayed here is of interest to the visitor then it is most likely the will be clicked.

            ii) Within The Main Content

            • When a visitor likes your post and is deeply involved in reading your article, placing an ad right in front of his/her eyes may generate a few clicks specially if the ad relates to his/her interest. You may think of posting at least two ads within the post and in my opinion, it creates a better effect than an ad posted below the header.

            iii) Sidebars

            • This is a very good place to show ads in any website/blog. You may have a single sidebar or two sidebars on both sides of the post – it depends on type of template used.

            iv) Between Posts On the Homepage

            • This is also a very attractive place to show ads. Since your homepage shows the title of all the posts with ‘Read more’ below it, there is a bright chance of generating a few clicks as each and every viewer is most likely to visit your home page to find it your website contains an article of his/her choice.

            V)  Blend Ads

            • Blending ads with the background of your article is an excellent way of increasing CTR. The visitors are very clever these days and are well aware that if they click on any ad the owner of the website will get payment from the ‘ad network site’. So, they are very reserved about this. Blending Ads with the background may fool them but at the same time ‘Adsense Terms & Conditions‘ must not be violated.

            vi)  Ad Sizes 

            • Use of large format ads is very effective. Try to select ads from your adsense a/c with formats such as :-
            • 300 x 600 Large Skyscraper 
            • 336 x 280 Large Rectangle
            • 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper
            • 768 x 90 Leader Board
            • 468 x 60 Banner

            vii) Quality Content And Niche 


            • This is the question often asked and searched by the bloggers. Making a blog professionally designed and highly eye catching in appearance are not enough to get wonderful volume of traffic. One might be wondering what the blog still lacks that viewers seldom visit it. Getting even a few hundred views daily is not an easy work.

              As far as my experience goes getting an online presence takes time, may be even a few years and involves a lot of hard work and devotion. You can’t expect your blog to soar high as soon as it is published. Allow viewers required time to like it.

              Your blog becomes effective and unique when you punch creative posts with professional design and layout. The game starts changing when viewers get spontaneously involved in your articles and cannot leave your post till the last word. You may certainly expect these viewers to come back again. The essence of creation is so strong that viewers revisit your blog just to find if there is any new post for them.


            How To Create Super Attractive And Viral Post That Bring The Viewers Back To Your Blog

            viii) Bounce Rate 

            • Bounce rate reduces your chance of having a good CPC and CTR. A high bounce rate indicates viewers leave your website faster without going through the contents of various pages. The higher the ‘bounce rate’ the lower will be visibility and thus lower CPC and CTR. Try to reduce the ‘bounce rate’ by making regular attractive and rich posts and occasional change of the appearance of your website such as using a different template.

              ix) Ad Blindness 

              • These days, the visitors are very clever. A frequent visitor always knows the location of your ad placements and never looks at those ads but continues to check if any new article of choice is posted. The information in the article is noted and the visitor leaves your site. To reverse this trend, just change the placements of your ads and occasional change of appearance such as change of template.

              x)  Increase SEO presence

              •  Millions of viewers all over the world search over hundreds of subjects in ‘search engines’ specially ‘Google’. About 60 to 70 percent of traffic of any website depends on ‘search engines’. Hence, search engine presence is absolutely necessary to get high volume of traffic and high CPC/CTR. Therefore, increase your search engine presence as much as you can. Connecting your site with ‘Google Analytic’ and submitting ‘site map’ to ‘Webmasters Tools’ are indispensable. Adding ‘social sites’ icons is a must.

              Read : How to add a XML sitemap to Google ‘Webmasters Tools’

                     How to add ‘social site icons’ to your blog

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              Techniques And Features Of Forex Trading

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              techniques features forex trading
              Techniques of Forex Trading


              Techniques Of Forex

              There is no doubt that trading in foreign currency is one of the best earning options these days. It also ensures the highest return on investment. Since this market is totally decentralised and with the spread of internet,  one can carry out forex trading from the comfort of one’s drawing room. The brokers also try their best to supply real time tips and latest trend of the market. These tips or trading signals will go a long way to make one more confident in the market and will also enrich one’s knowledge.

              (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The charts, ratios, calculations cannot make profit themselves. It involves knowledge and expertise of the trader to make right use of them. These knowledge and wisdom come from practice and devotion. The winners always know how to analyse these tips, charts and calculations and turn most of the situations in their favour.

              The art of effective foreign exchange trading technique is actually the ability to materialise the tjps received from broker into profit. Most of the forex transactions involve basically 4 sets of primary currencies – (GBP/USD or USD/GBP), (EUR/USD or USD/EUR), (USD/JPY or JPY/USD) and (USD/CHF or CHF/USD)Foreign exchange alerts are just important trading signals in use worldwide. To be a part of the successful investors, one got to adopt one’s unique trading technique.

              A fantastic trading technique is the one that blends with the concepts of the basic technological trading. Take precautions when you are specially going to trade on other’s suggestions. First, decide whether these tips or suggestions deserve to be tried in the market. That is, the tips and suggestions are conveyed by persons or firms regarded to be masters in this arena.

              Foreign exchange trading techniques consist of two significant features. The first one may be described as technological evaluation. The second one is the technological location which is based on records. Today, investors can obtain the trend and information from various sources about different foreign economies which influence the foreign currency market Technical evaluation of the market is based on chart or graph. They are quite helpful in determining the points of resistance or notable decisive movements. They indicate where the value of a currency is likely to take a turn around or quit.  Some significant trading strategies or techniques :

            • Trading Related with Price : In this type of technique the entry and exit point of a trade is determined by the movement pattern of price. The traders following this type of technique believe that price pattern always repeats itself. That’s why they ignore any other form of tools such as graph, chart etc. They enter and exit a trade by just following some unique pattern in prices, they believe will surely work. 

            • Trading Based on Trend : In this type of technique the traders take advantage when the price is either moving up or going down. The traders decide about their entry and exit point by relying on the trend indicators. Unfortunately, all trade indicators sometimes lag true trend of the market. Since this technique is based on the movement of price trend either upward or downward, the traders suffer when the price stabilizes and may become confused.

            • Trading with Automated Robot : These traders depend on special software and automated robots to chalk out their strategies in the market. It is really difficult to find an auto robot that is 100 percent self reliant and require no human intervention. On the contrary, a robot always needs human guidance and it is only the wisdom and experience of a trader that ultimately prevails. Beside, the history of making an uniform profit record, with the help of a robot has never been full proof. Therefore, before selecting this technique of trading, one must become a 100 percent self confident and expert trader. 

            • Trading Related with Breakout and Support-Resistance : This type of traders always look for an opportunity of entering the market at the time of either a breakout of a consolidation period or bounce out at certain level. A situation when the price will either break through or bounce create tremendous opportunities for them They also make profit by keeping in mind the price reaction at certain levels. In this context, they take into consideration the principle of ‘supply & demand’ and volume. 
            • loading…

              Bloggers Uncover And Rediscover The All Time Mystery Of Keywords For Your Blog With These Simple Finest Tips Read Now

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              Tips for Keywords for Blog


              What Are Keywords?

              When we search about anything in a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo we type a few words in the search column about that subject/topic. What search engine does is to search its database based on those words and presents a number of search results. We can view the search results spread to a number of pages such as Page 1, 2, 3 indicated at the bottom. The words so typed are called keywords

              Search results always vary based on the keywords the searchers use. It has been observed when surfers search for anything in the search engines they generally use a few words instead of only a single word. The most relevant  keywords used result in the most perfect ‘search results’.

              Keywords are extreme important for your articles as the search engines find your pages based on how relevant your keywords are. The quickly the search engines find your pages the greater will be your daily traffic.

              In Adsense, Keywords are ultimate race winners. Keywords are powerful enough to boost your daily traffic from a few to thousands or more. Use of relevant keywords enable thousands of visitors find and view your blog daily.

              The keywords are also important in the sense as these words finally determine the type of ads Adsense is going to display in various pages of your blog/website. When the best CPC keywords are selected, higher income is within your reach with higher volume of traffic. 

              Keywords must also be related to the niche otherwise they are going to ruin the traffic for your blog. 

              Keyword Tools

              There are a number of websites to help you with keywords you should use in your articles effectively and with positive results.

              #1) Keyword Planners by Adwords



              Google’s free ‘keyword planner’ with Adword is an excellent source of obtaining relevant keywords for your posts. In the above screen short you can see the keywords in the first column and number of times it has been searched by viewers in the second column. You can type your keyword at the bottom and click ‘Add’ and can instantly see its search popularity.

              #2) Similarly you can take the help of Semrush


              You will be astonished to find all the details of any keyword you type in the box, so methodically. Plan your keyword accordingly.

              #3) Planning your keyword with MOZ is a good idea :-


              Go to the Website and soon you will understand its friendly interface and be benefited immensely. 

              #4) Similar help is available from Keywordtool also:-



              #5) Taking help of Ubersuggest is great as well :-



              While planning your keywords try to choose them by evaluating its history such as number of times it has been searched, ranking, competition and many more aspects you will find in the above helpful websites.


              How To Discover Fascinating 5 Keys To Seo For Your Blog On A Shoestring Budget

              window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} gtag(‘js’, new Date()); gtag(‘config’, ‘UA-72524586-5’);


              blog SEO

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              Adding images to posts/articles not only enhances its beauty but also are important in terms of SEO. Below is described ways how to optimize photos for your blog leading to maximum search engine ranking. 

              Title Tags 

              • Title tags are very helpful as it describes about the images. When a visitor hovers over the images, the visitor immediately knows what the images are, thus creating an user friendly environment for your traffic. Adding a title tag to the images benefits you a lot in terms of search engine ranking.

              Alt Tags 

              • Alt tags are used for putting keywords of the articles. This tag shows when a image is not available and Google puts a lot of emphasis on it. Many bloggers attempt to put all their key words in both Alt and Title tags risking themselves getting banned from search engines. 

              Writing SEO Friendly Alt Text for Images

              • First, pick a image for your article
              • Second, make a list of keywords of your article
              • Third, select maximum 3 keywords relevant to your image and write them in alt-tags 

              How To Write ‘Title Txt’ & ‘Alt Txt’ In Images

              After uploading an image in your blog just click on the image and you will find a blue band below the image as shown below. 


                Now click on the ‘Properties’ marked in red, you will find a box as shown in the screenshot below


                Now write your ‘Title Txt’ and ‘Alt Txt’ in the box and click OK. You will be immensely benefited from ‘search engines’ if you write a short and descriptive Txt and Alt tags. Contrary, putting too many keywords in the box will be penalized by search engines.

                Image Optimization Factors

                Image optimization reduces bounce rate of traffic from your site. When a visitor clicks on your link in ‘search engine’ and immediately returns to the search engine without visiting your posts, the ‘search engine’ thinks the contents of your posts are not relevant to the topic and reduces your ranking. 

                Type and nature of traffic always vary. Some lazy visitors prone to read only headings and captions of the images instead of going through the entire article. A brief, good ‘image caption’ may reverse this trend and reduces your bounce rate and you do not lose ranking in ‘search engines’. 

                Use image files which are supported by ‘blogger’ and ‘JPEG’ should be your first choice as this type of image file is generally supported by all types of browsers. Using ‘PNG’ should be the second choice. The file name of the image should be related to the keywords of the article. This enables the search engine bot to index the website properly leading to increased traffic from search engine.

                Page loading time is an important factor as far as SEO is concerned. The more images you put in a single page the more time it takes to load. The heavier the file size of the images the longer is the page loading time. Observed 60 to 70 percent of viewers become impatient and leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. 

                Thus do not attempt to crowd your pages with too many images and file size of each image should be less than 100kb. If necessary crop the image to bring down the file size. Google lists all the good and bad parts of a website with the help its ‘Page Speed Insight Tool’ which is responsible for your website loading times.

                As far as ‘Alignment’ is concerned it has been observed centered images are a good choice as it directly hit the viewer’s eyes and have greater impact. Left alignment with the contents on the right also appear attractive.       

                Best Technical Analysis And Fundamental Analysis Forex Market Tips You Will Read This Year

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                technical fundamental analysis forex
                Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Forex Market


                Basically, there are two types of analysis followed by traders in the forex market – the Fundamental Analysis and the Technical Analysis. While fundamental analysis predicts movement of price of a currency on the basis of evaluation of political & economic developments, economic reviews and economic announcements by the governments of those currencies, technical analysis primarily depends on recognition of patterns on a price chart. In technical analysis various types of charts/graphs are created on the basis of the price trend of a currency. Traders look for various patterns in these charts/graphs such as single head double shoulder, double heads double shoulders, double bottoms, triangles and many more.

                Features of Technical Analysis :

                #1) Technical analysis believes price movements are actually a result of a number of market forces such as Political developments, Economic factors, Change in the supply & demand, Seasonal fluctuations and all other decisive factors that influence the price of currencies. Technical analysts are concerned with the movement of the price and not with why the market moves.

                #2) There are numerous market patterns that are linked with various trends and the currency prices in the forex market follow these trends.

                #3) Historical trends always prove to be a crucial factor to predict movement of price. It has been discovered by careful analysis of data of the forex market over the years that human reactions to certain circumstances are part of human psychology leading to the basis of these patterns.

                (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Technical analysis is more popular than fundamental analysis among traders as the later requires a high degree of knowledge of economical and political affairs of a number of countries which is very difficult for the common traders to obtain. On the contrary, technical analysis may be applied to various currencies and markets simultaneously.

                To be successful in the forex market you need to have your own unique strategy and it is not known which strategy will work best for you. On the other hand, it has been proved technical analysis may be applied effectively to predict changes in price movements.

                The tools of technical analysis in forex market are almost similar to the tools used by traders in stock market. Traders in forex markets enter and exit a trade on the basis of support & resistance levels of various patterns in the charts just like traders in stock market.

                Read : Forex Strategies

                Various charts, graphs, technical analysis and data are available online against a price. How these tools will be of use to traders depends on individual knowledge and experience of a trader. Also, software is available to help the traders to implement their strategies with the help of these online tools. Herein, comes the need of a comprehensive training before entering the forex market.

                Read : Where To Find A Good Training In forex

                The charts, data, technical analysis and software cannot make profit for you independently. It involves a lot of expertise, knowledge and experience of the traders to make use of them. Therefore, before actively taking part in forex trading, just ask yourself if you have gained enough knowledge and confidence to do it. This is for your own safety.

                (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Although, technical analysis is the easiest and most common method used by numerous traders all over the world, like all other things its has got both merits and demerits. Being fully aware of these will make the trader more confident about this system.


                • Technical analysis is concerned with charts & tools only and never attaches importance to any other less precise factors, so it’s the easiest to follow.
                • Technical analysis indicates what the price of a currency pair might be based on what the market is doing today and never with what the market might do
                • Technical analysis is very helpful in indicating to the traders about basic things such as — when to enter the market and when to exit, number of lots to trade at any one time and amount of money put to risk on each trade. So it’s very precise
                • Sometimes, technical analysis indicates the end end of a trend before it actually appears thus helping to keep the losses at minimum


                • Sometimes, it might be risky and foolish to indicate tomorrow’s price trend based completely on today’s trend because there might be so many other forces at work tomorrow
                • Beginners and inexperienced traders may fail to pick up the signals of a change in a trend timely thus losing about one third of the fluctuations in the price of a currency
                • Acting on a pattern prematurely or failure to act on a timely manner may make the trader vulnerable to lose money   


                7 Best Tips To Make The Title Of Your Blog Most Effective

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                make money from blog
                Tips To Make Money From Blog

                When we type about anything in the search column of Google or other search engines, we observe a lot of results start appearing as we type the words. It is common that the headlines/titles appear first and thereafter a brief description and the name of the website. So, the headlines/titles draw our attention first and the bloggers can easily understand the importance of an effective headline/title.

                Get Help To Create The Most Effective Title For Your Blog

                The best titles always influence the regular readers interact with your blog. A great title can dramatically change the way the people will look at your blog and the volume of traffic the blog will draw. So, serious bloggers always pay special attention to creating an unforgettable title that will be remembered by the viewers for long.

                These 7 points are surely going to help you on this task :

                (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

                #1) Make It Simple & Understandable : 

                • It has been observed short, unique and simple titles are easily remembered by the audience. At the same must be understandable too and not misleading. The title should be subject specific, precise, relevant and not confusing. Shorter title below 40 characters are better placed in search engine and good for SEO. 

                #2) Visitors Attention :

                • Those titles usually score above the average that can draw the visitors attention normally and do not include false, deceptive, controversial and unrealistic false claims aimed at cheating the readers. Not only that, the title should be made of words that the visitors are comfortable with and create curiosity among them. Examples of deceptive title include ‘3 Steps To Increase Your Height By 10 cms within one week’  or  ‘Just Do It & You Are Fairer’. If you do these things you are going to lose your visitors for ever. 

                #3) Titles That Include Keywords Are Best :

                • Keywords are those popular words that surfers use in search engines while surfing the net. These words keep changing from time to time. If your title include these keywords then your blog is easily obtained by the surfers. Experienced bloggers always attempt to include latest keywords for their blogs. Therefore, your attempt should always be to look for the most effective and latest keywords while creating the title. 

                #4) Title Should Unique & Awesome :

                • The unique titles are those that grab the attention of the surfers easily and differentiates itself from the clutter of websites. An appropriate title makes the viewer believe that here he/she can get the best contents about the subject he/she is looking for. An unique and awesome title places your content in the first row of preference and increases the volume of daily traffic.

                #5) The Title should Arouse Interest :

                • The attraction power of the title should be such that the majority viewers can hardly afford to leave the search page without clicking on your title even for once. Besides, it also creates more and more interest among the readers to go through more pages of your blog. 

                #6) The Title Must Be Meaningful & Useful : 

                • The useful titles are those that not only force the visitors to click on your link but also keep them engaged in your blog. The visitors start to believe that they will surely benefit a lot about what they are looking for by spending a little of their precious time. 

                #7) Getting RSS Readers Attention :

                • RSS(Really Simply Syndication) is a technology used by millions of web visitors to keep track of their favourite websites. RSS provides the users with a method of getting regular and up to date information on specific subjects so that they can read them in their own time. It saves time and enable the visitors to get the information quickly on specific subjects as soon as they are published. Since most readers scan the titles of posts rather than going through the entire post, a suitable and proper title will help you get more attention. 

                Read : Free & Effective SEO Friendly Title Generators For Your Blog

                  Being A Beginner How To Become Rich In The Forex Market Reading These Powerful Yet Simple 5 Tips

                  (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i[‘GoogleAnalyticsObject’]=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,’script’,’’,’ga’); ga(‘create’, ‘UA-72524586-3’, ‘auto’); ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);

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                  forex market
                  forex market

                  Forex Trading For Beginners

                  Understanding the factors that impact the forex market is indispensable. The factors that have a profound influence on the forex market must be understood first before you start activity in this arena.

                  1)The most powerful factor that affects the exchange price of a currency and its daily movement relates to the condition/strength of the economy of that particular country. The most crucial factor may be termed as the balance of trade

                  When the value of exports of a country is greater than what it imports it is called a trade surplus or positive balance. On the other hand when import is greater than export it is called a negative balance or trade deficit. The greater the trade deficit of a country the weaker will be its exchange value against other currencies. 

                  When the government of a country takes positive steps to improve its ‘balance of trade’ and is successful in reducing its ‘negative balance’ – its currency will also strengthen in the market.

                  2) Similarly, the annual fiscal ‘budget deficit‘ of a country is powerful enough to rate the exchange value of its currency. A ‘budget deficit’ indicates the expenditure of a country is greater than its income or ‘revenues’. It’s an indicator of the financial health of a economy. The ‘budget deficit’ commonly refers to ‘government spending’ rather than individual spending but may be applied to all these entities.

                  3) Inflation or recession of the economy of a country is also a decisive factor affecting the exchange value of a currency. Inflation may be termed as the long time rise in the prices of goods & services of a country caused by the devaluation of its currency. 

                  When the ‘inflation‘ is rampant the exchange value of a currency is sure to slide downward and the loses its demand also. A country suffering from long term inflation loses its credibility in the eyes of the world as ‘inflation’ diminishes the purchasing power of a country to buy goods and services from other countries. 

                  Inflation is the result of a sustained increase in the general price level. Long term inflation has an adverse effect on the economy as it eats up savings and capital and lessens the purchasing power of the country.

                  At the same time, Economists are of the opinion that a moderate inflation, generally 2 per cent is desirable for the economy, as it has various positive effects also.

                  4) During recession, (Example: USA in 2008)the economy gets a tremendous setback with purchasing power of the people coming to minimum due to low salaries and lack of income. The goods and services cannot be bought by the people resulting in a tremendous slump in production. The exchange value of the currency of a country suffers due to both high inflation or recession.

                  In this situation, the government has to take drastic steps, release funds from the federal reserve to save the economy from disaster. When recession comes down and moderate inflation starts playing again, the exchange value of the currency rises also.

                  5) Politics also plays a vital role in determining the value of a currency and its exchange rate. Economic policies of the government largely depend on the ideology and faith of a political party. So, changes in the government of a country is quickly reflected in its exchange rate. When a popular political party favored by the world comes to power the value of the currency of that country goes up. 

                  Contrary, when a hard line political party viewed negatively by the world community comes to office, the exchange value of the currency is most likely to come down.

                  The above factors are to be taken into consideration while dealing with various currencies in the forex market.




                  Why Banks in Dubai are more reliable than rest of all the Banks?

                  Basically, if we want to know about the structure and financial condition of a bank we have to keep following points in our mind 
                  1.       There are different types of banks according to their own specification. Some of the banks are lying under the category of investment banks. While on the other hand some are considered to be usual conventional banks. Also, we have many other types. But how banks in Dubai are more reliable is due to its Islamic banking system. It is one of the most reliable systems due to its no interest rate option.
                  2.       Almost all the banks in Dubai have international connections, so customers from all over the world feel more comfortable while using banking services at any bank of Dubai. Also, the number of investors and high net worth individuals attached to the banking sector of Dubai in some or other way is relatively much higher than any other bank in the world.
                  3.       Banks in Dubai provide offshore banking facilities also. What are offshore accounts? And how to open a bank account for offshore services is another debate. Just keep in mind that most of the banks provide offshore banking options. This is one of the major plus points for the credibility and security of the banks in Dubai.
                  What are the unique services of Banks in Dubai?

                  Dubai has become an economic corridor between Asia and Europe due to its geographical and tropical structure. Before indulging in the trading sector, it almost dependent on the natural oil reserves. But due to its importance according to area wise, things have changed into a new paradigm. As we see in the local market of Dubai, everything is available. No need to go America and Europe. For Asians, Dubai is just a landmark of development. There are many other countries like Malaysia, China and South Korea but Dubai has its own charm and attractiveness.  Busy airports of Dubai where daily basis, hundreds of flights come to Dubai and leave Dubai. This shows that Dubai is a business hub or you can say that a city of business, especially for trading. There are many new markets have been developed like forex market, cryptocurrency besides common stock exchange market.
                  These all opportunities are actually promoted and support Banking sector of Dubai and in return banks of Dubai generate a huge revenue for the development of the state. Top Dubai Banks along with other banking facilities also provide investment plans and solutions to international traders and investors for their wealth management. But one of the most important services that is being provided by Dubai banks is personal loan for expatriates. As most of the people in Dubai are foreigners and they work and live in Dubai to support their families. Through a job, they can earn a good in Dubai. To make a strong bonding between region and outsiders, banks of Dubai with the support of local government offers many loan facilities to these people with different repayment options.
                  An option of Fixed Deposit Rates 

                  It is basically an option for repayment of loan amount. Take the services of loan for home building purposes or for any other purpose to meet your liabilities, is a simple way to manage your things. For that fixed deposit rates options is best suited to all people whether they belong to medium class families or from affluent households. The interest rate on this method is fixed and within the time period, you can pay the complete amount of loan. There are many other repayment options but we suggest to go for fixed rate method as it is most suitable for outsiders.
                  Is it better option to approach Mashreq Bank?

                  Well, there is no counter-argument. Undoubtedly, Mashreq bank is best to get into banking services for many reasons. When you think about how to open a bank account, visit the Mashreq Bank’s website, all information you can get related to this question. Secondly, it offers its clients with usual conventional banking option along with Islamic banking services. All you have is a valid residence claim in Dubai, original Passport with residency visa or UAE citizenship documents and salary certificate. 

                  How To Add Email Subscription Form’ To Your Blog

                  When your blog is being viewed daily by a lot of people, it’s better to add a ‘Email Subscription Form’ to enable the viewers to get the latest updates of your blog. By doing this not only the viewers come back to your blog again but also the daily number of views rises. 

                  Adding email or Feed Subscription Form is easy and can be done by following a few simple steps described below :-

                  1) Log in to Blogger Dashboard > click on layout > then Add a Gadget link :-




                  2) Click on ‘HTML Java Script’ in the pop-up window :-




                  3) Paste the below code in the empty box that opens         



                  background:url( no-repeat 0px 12px ;
                  padding:10px 0 0 55px;
                  margin:0 0 10px 0;
                  text-shadow:0 -1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.25);
                  font:12px sans-serif;
                  margin:6px 2px 6px 2px;
                  border:1px solid #ccc;
                  box-shadow:inset 1px 1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.1);
                  -moz-box-shadow:inset 1px 1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.1);
                  -webkit-box-shadow:inset 1px 1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.1); font-size:13px;
                  <div class=”hl-email”>
                  Subscribe via Email <form action=”” id=”feedform” method=”post” target=”popupwindow” onsubmit=”‘‘, ‘popupwindow’, ‘scrollbars=yes,width=550,height=520’);return true”>
                  <input gtbfieldid=”3″ class=”textarea” name=”email” onblur=”if (this.value == &quot;&quot;) {this.value = &quot;Enter email address here&quot;;}” onfocus=”if (this.value == &quot;Enter email address here&quot;) {this.value = &quot;&quot;;}” value=”Enter email address here” type=”text” />
                  <input type=”hidden” value=”earningwizard” name=”uri”/><input type=”hidden” name=”loc” value=”en_US”/>
                  <input class=”hl-emailsubmit” value=”Submit” type=”submit” />



                  CUSTOMIZE :

                  1) Replace the url in green to change the email icon
                  2) To change Width or Text area change 130px in red
                  3) Now, replace      uri=earningwizard‘ with your FeedBurner Email Feed Link

                  4) You can get your Feedburner Link by visiting your Feedburner      Account then navigate to Publicize and next to ‘Email            Subscription’ 

                  5) Now, replace ‘earningwizard’ with your feed title

                  6) Click ‘Save‘ it’s done. Email subscription form is added to      your blog.                  

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                  Add Your Blog/Website To Google Webmaster Tools

                  (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i[‘GoogleAnalyticsObject’]=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,’script’,’’,’ga’); ga(‘create’, ‘UA-72524586-3’, ‘auto’); ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);


                  When you create a blog you surely wish that more and more people worldwide view your posts. This is possible only when your blog/site is indexed properly by the search engine bot. The first step to do this is to submit your site to ‘Google Webmaster Tools.

                  Apart from viewing by more and more people, all bloggers also wish to get ‘Adsense’ approval to earn money from their blogs. To earn money from ‘Adsense’ you must enjoy a reasonable volume of traffic. When you submit your site to webmaster tools, your site is properly indexed by search engine bot quickly enabling to get traffic.

                  Besides, webmaster tools also help with very vital data about traffic, keywords, geographical area of traffic and also if any trouble is being faced by search engine bot.

                  Now, let’s find how to submit your blog/website to ‘Google Webmaster Tools’

                  #1) Log in to webmaster tools here

                  #2) Click ‘ADD A PROPERTY’ shown in red at the top right corner

                  #3) Write the name of your blog/site starting with http://www. (shown below) and click ADD

                                                 Screen Shot :1                                              

                  #4) After you have followed the above steps Google will ask you to verify your website and a page as shown below will open :-
                                                 Screen Shot :2                                     
                  There are several methods to verify your site but the easiest of them is described below :-
                  Click ‘Alternate methods’ at the top — Tick ‘HTML tag’ — copy the code shown under (1) like below
                  <meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”VBdtVRpAuH8EB6NCVxdubrNpIiX_OaFqtFlgr8rJCKM” />
                  and paste it under <head> tag in the HTML page of your blog.
                  #5) After you have done the above step click VERIFY (Screen Shot 2)
                  How To Add The HTML tag in your blog :-

                  Log in to your blogger dashboard — click Template (drop down menu) — click ‘Edit HTML’.  A page full of html code opens — click anywhere inside the page — hit Ctrl + F — a small box opens at the top right corner.
                  Now, type <head> in the box and hit ‘Enter’. 

                  The <head> tag marked yellow appears. Just below it paste the code you have already copied as described above..
                  Click ‘Save Template’ . After you have finished this only then click Verify (as described in step #5 above)

                  Your next most important step is to add a  xml sitemap to ‘webmaster tools’
                  Read  How To Add A XML Sitemap To Webmaster Tools

                  Priority banking in UAE is most appropriate for big investors

                  Most of the high net worth individuals and big corporations are very choosy and selective while taking the services of different types but here we only discuss the banking facilities being provided by top banks of Dubai. The DED is a department in Dubai means Dubai Department of Economic Development is the responsible government body for issuing all licenses for trade services to multinational corporations or individuals. Due to restriction by the local government body, trade services are only be taken in the territory in Dubai and one cannot use these services outside of the Dubai region. Top banks of Dubai and other financial institutions in Dubai along with the support of central government are trying to facilitate the locals as well as the non-residents for doing business in Dubai through investment services and it is very much common in Dubai as it has become a financial hub for rest of the world. The department of economic development has been updating its rules and regulations to act as a one window service center for all licenses regarding trading services in Dubai. In fact, the DED provides remarkable and fast trading services compared to most of the free zones in Dubai in the form of different options in priority services in UAE. In 2011 a new law has been issued to clear the way for things operating in free zones to open branches in Dubai. So now if one investor is trying to invest in any project he/she needs to get a complete permission from the DED. This is a comprehensive article and it provide to complete guidance on doing business in Dubai through an entity registered in one of the free zones in the UAE. Most of the free zones in Dubai, do not allow a company registered with such free zone to do business especially for trade options and also outside the free zone in the mainland of Dubai.
                  priority services in UAE
                  If a company want to do so it has to provide a license outside of the free zone. The civil work company for the sole purpose of wealth management Dubai can be established to carry on professional activities in Dubai. These companies have contributed a lot in the economy of Dubai and now we can observe the economical points of these effects in the market of Dubai which is now considered as global international market. It is actually a trend setter in the international world as most of the investors are very much interested in taking the services of this market. Now if we talk about the priority packages and the role of top banks of Dubai we cannot separate these two factors from each other at any stage. If a person want to take priority banking in Dubai for that a UAE local service agent will need to be appointed in the civil work company. It is also very much in the main interest of an expat as in the case of a limited liability company a UAE national must legally hold at least 51% of that limited liability company. This means that your local partner is as responsible as you infect a little more than you. As top banks of Dubai are highly involved in the gold trading in Dubai, one needs to clearly how know about their relation. Before going towards the role of the top banks of Dubai we first evaluate the documents requirements that is needed for an investor for the sole purpose of priority services in UAE. First of all an investor needs to show a copy of the corporate documents of the free zone.  Second a copy of the passport that is much needed by all legal bodies in Dubai. The third most important requirement is payment of AED 15, 000 as the Ministry of economy fees. Now we come to our basic point that is role of banking sector. It is clear that Mashreq bank is the most reliable and credible bank as it is one of the oldest bank in Dubai and working from last three decades for gold trading in Dubai. If you are an expat or you are a local, trading services of Mashreq Gold is most appropriate for all to start a small business setup as well as to start a multinational corporation. For further and clear detail about the trading services being offered by this bank, one need to visit the official website of the bank.

                  Auto insurance is an important service being provided by Top insurance companies in Dubai

                  Auto insurance is a much needed step that has been taken by all developed countries and it is in best interest of the state as well as for the public. So government of Dubai like other developed states has made this type of insurance policy compulsory for people moving in Dubai.  If you ever have visited Dubai you have clear idea about the system of Dubai where life is so much fast and if you will be at rest for nothing you competitors will put you behind. This wave of competition at one end provide best services to the people and on the other hand make people more disciplined towards their projects. As most of the population is based on the expatriates so majority of the people are very much focused and clear about their tasks and follow the rules regularly. The main theme and purpose of such regulations that are imperialized on the public is to insure the best services for everyone. In this regard best financial institutions work with government and provide best policies and services and here we will specifically talking about auto insurance. As you build a strong financial foundation for your future, you need the right tools to make your dreams a reality through different insurance policies and particularly vehicle insurance. In Dubai most people live as expatriates and it is best suited for them to take services of insurance company’s particular car insurance policy as it is most important need for everyone. Now why it is so necessary it is because that to cover your loss after any unexpected happening. So that you could not suffer more after a loss. Top banks of Dubai are very much involved in providing best car insurance policies other than insurance companies. You just have to visit the online portals of different banks and you can get the cheapest auto insurance policy along with many other offers. For your convenience I have searched a lot and come to the conclusive point that Mashreq bank is one of the oldest bank of Dubai and in private sector it is considered one of the best ban k in Dubai due to its excellent services in insurance schemes, loan purposes and wealth management policies. Particularly if we see the insurance policies it gives you with a variety of insurance plans ranging from auto insurance, medical insurance, critical illness insurance, home insurance, home content insurance and more.

                  The best part that makes Mashreq bank distinguish from other banks of Dubai is that it offers policies on a very small interest rate and no other bank can compete that rates.  Mashreq bank of Dubai deals with many types of vehicle insurance coverage including Bodily Injury Liability and is the simplest point that is if you have an accident the cos of the body of the car will be bear by insurance company. All damages to the body are specifically covered by all insurance companies. It is written in the agreement when you will take the policies of auto insurance from Mashreq bank of Dubai that who is the responsible of the vehicle damage either it is your fault or the mistake of the other person. Now the point is are you willing to demand damage in both cases then you have to take that special policy. There are many other facilities that are being provided by Mashreq gold beside car insurance but here we particular discussing auto insurance so I want to say that if someone is running a rental car the auto  insurance companies Mashreq gold cover two damages in this case as no other bank in Dubai provide this offer. We have different situations like if your rental car is damaged in an accident and second if it is stolen from your place in both cases Mashreq gold bank of Dubai is responsible to cover the loss of your car under the point of agreement that have been done between you an bank regarding car insurance policy. Mashreq bank of Dubai, a private bank is considered one of the best bank for insurance policies particularly in auto insurance policies. 

                  Loan services either for domestic purpose or for commercial through Digital banking

                  There can be many reasons for taking a personal loan Dubai as we go in depth to explore the terms and conditions. But here we only discuss personal loan Dubai offers very specifically being provided by different banks working in Dubai. This term in short is called as mortgage loan in which you can get loan on behalf of some property. In this agreement you have to show some property and this property will hand over to the bank or any financial supporter for borrowing money. As Dubai has become the focal point of tourist attraction and a business hub for traders and goods exporters. Dubai has overall has changed the definition of a holiday destination. From the tallest buildings to the man-made beaches and islands. Dubai has it all, if you want to enjoy the rush hours and fast life of metropolis, or you just want to take sip of your kava while enjoying the scenery of the sea from the patio of recently acquired beach resort. Everything has been made possible, be it commercial or personal through personal loan Dubai by taking the services of banks working in UAE. Dubai has covered it all through digital banking technology. Well, at least for the smart people these services are very much attractive. Now everyone cannot afford these services at the cost of their monthly income but if you live in Dubai everyone wants to taste these facilities. If someone say I do not want then believe me he is lying. So for this purpose banks in Dubai provide best mortgage offers or loan against property services to the people live in Dubai. Dubai Banking services are considered world’s best banks and you can see and read all this through international reports particularly in the area of personal loan Dubai. So for the best policy that is being offered by banks in Dubai is mortgage. In this regard with a lenient eligibility criteria set by banks in Dubai, provide loan against property and with cheapest interest rates to expats as well as residents of UAE. Though loan against property in Dubai for commercial purposes can be a bit tricky for starters, but you can sought it out by completing all requirements of banks through top banks of Dubai. The point to understand about personal loan Dubai is simple and straightforward. That being told, what an expat or a resident has to do is to pass the eligibility criteria. These criteria require an individual to be earn at least the minimum of the salary and a work permit in UAE. With other small details and terms and conditions you may visit the web page of different banking portals. Personal loan Dubai require the individual to repay the amount with an interest but here in Dubai the case is very different because the interest rate is very low and the borrower can easily handle the installment per month.
                  Personal loan Dubai – Mashreq bank of Dubai

                  Mashreq bank is considered one of the best among all other banks for digital banking services because the personal loan Dubai can easily be availed by all at any time and at any place. For expats and residents who are uncomfortable with the idea of interest, can inquire the details with all terms and conditions of loan against property policy. If one want to start a small sized business setup that everyone in Dubai want to start then for sure one should contact to Mashreq bank. Its eligibility criteria is easier for most, and if you are running a business already or you are an experienced professional earning enough then it won’t be a problem at all. An individual must be an UAE National or Resident expat, with a minimum income of 50,000 AED salary, or if the expat or resident is a self-employed individual then 40,000 would also do. But if you count the policies of other banks in Dubai, they demand very tough eligibility criteria. As most of the people in Dubai are not interested in traditional ad commercial banking system, for those Mashreq alIslamic provide Islamic banking services for loan against property. This system is completely according to the sharia law. Loan against property is a most appropriate way to start one’s own small sized business setup in Dubai and Mashreq bank provide best services for loan against property policy.

                  Features And Types Of Forex Brokers


                  forex broker


                  Since forex is an open market and not traded in an exchange, it may be described as an unregulated market. It may lead to variation in prices i.e. the price you get from a particular broker may differ from another. 

                  Choosing the right broker is crucial for your success in forex. It involves a lot of time and risks too, specially when so many forex brokers are available in the internet. 

                  Since, the forex market is not equipped with stringent regulations and guidelines for operation of forex brokers, it gives opportunity to unscrupulous and dishonest brokers to adopt unethical means to manipulate trades of individual clients to increase their own profit. 

                  So, it can be clearly imagined how important it is to choose the right broker for success. Forex brokers may be mainly classified into two groups :-

                  Market Makers(MMs): This is the most common type and the vast majority of forex brokers fall in this category. These type of brokers do not have direct access to the market and function as an intermediary to the inter-bank market. They trade in large blocks of currency on the inter-bank market and then breaking them into smaller units for small individual traders. 

                  Many traders believe, when an individual trader loses money in a trade it goes to the broker. Individual traders usually have to accept prices their brokers offer to them. As these prices are single sourced they may not be competitive also. 

                  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

                  Since, these powerful forex market makers maintain their own currency pool, they are capable of dictating the price feed(bid/ask) leading to spike prices, manipulate spreads and ultimately triggering the ‘stop loss’. However, there are advantages of these type of brokers also, specially when free charting software, updated news and user friendly analytical interface are taken into consideration. 

                  The Pros & Cons of these type of brokers may be divided as follows :

                  • Individual traders are supplied with free charting software and news feed
                  • Prices they quote are likely to be less volatile when compared to ECN Brokers
                  • They also offer user friendly interface


                  • They can always take a position against you.
                  • They are likely to adopt unethical means to manipulate prices and triggering stops to prevent you from reaching targets and that’s only because they have taken a losing position against you 
                  • The prices they offer may sometimes be far worse than ECN Brokers
                  • They usually discourage scalping by having a minimum ‘stop loss’ in place otherwise scalping execution may be complicated

                  ECN Brokers (Electronic Communications Network):

                  Electronic communication network offer direct access to inter-bank markets. They have access to multiple banking sources and are always better placed to offer competitive price quotes to individual traders in forex market. These sort of brokers offer individual traders the ability to post their own bid/ask rates. 

                  Consequently, the individual traders find multiple bid/ask prices offered by fellow spot traders and liquidity providers(banks) and not by forex brokers. In the absence of conflict of interest there is little reason for ECN traders to go for unethical practices. These days, the number of ECN brokers are increasing rapidly indicating their increasing popularity among individual traders.

                  • You may expect superb bid/ask prices as they are not single sources and come from different institutions including banks
                  • Spreads between bid and ask prices may be very small or almost zero
                  • They will never create a position against your and on the contrary pass on your orders to a bank or other fellow customers 
                  • You may easily offer a price between bid and ask and may expect of it getting filled 
                  • You can prevent slippage by making sure that your order either gets filled at the prices you offered or not at all
                  • Prices may be more volatile which is better for scalping 

                  Cons :
                  • Most of them do not offer latest updated news in forex market
                  • Most of them fail to offer integrated charting software 

                  An assessment of potential merger

                  People of Dubai are hospitable, and it is in their culture, and tradition. With religion given importance in Dubai, Dubai has become a positive light in Muslim World. Safe Haven to all the tourist from all over the world. Dubai has proved how important UAE stock trading market is. And how with determination, will and smart decisions one can transform a whole city into a one big business hub and a tourist spot. UAE stock trading started back in late 19th century and early 20th century. Dubai Trade’s success lies within its duty free port and its geographical structure. And it is the reason that made Dubai a powerhouse in the form of UAE stock trading. Well today we will provide you information regarding UAE stock Trading and which the main exports of Dubai. Beside oil resources the UAE owns a third of the world’s trade of dates, ranking first in exports, and second in imports from last 7 years. These stats were issued by Ministry of Foreign trade in UAE. According to this study it is estimated that there are around 40 different kinds of dates being produced in the UAE today and there are many different form of dates in rest of the Middle East. According to the UAE stock trading, global date production in 2008 was 7.1 million tons. As part of a series of extensive studies that aim to enhance the UAE stock trading resources and products particularly the exports of different kinds of dates, an analytical